Kim Shewmaker, #388, 19?? – 1989

On December 26, 1989, United Express, flight 2415 (Sundance 415), a British Aerospace BA-3101 Jetstream, N410UE, crashed approximately 400 feet short of runway 21R at Tri-Cities Airport, Pasco, Washington. The airplane crashed while executing an instrument landing system approach to the runway at approximately 2230 pacific standard time.


Kim Shewmaker, #388, was a pilot for North Pacific Airlines, and was deadheading (the practice of carrying members of an airline’s flight crew free of charge when they are not working) on this flight.  The airplane was destroyed, and the two pilots and all four passengers received fatal injuries.

(Updated 31 July 2014 courtesy of information provided by Aaron Kahn.)

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  1. Aaron Kahn - Jul 30, 2014

    Though Kim was a pilot for North Pacific Airlines, he was not on duty on this fateful flight. The Jetstream 31 accident is detailed in a full NTSB Accident Report.

    Search AAR91-06 to see the full report.

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