Jerrold Jacob Warthman, #463, 1957 – 1992

Jerry Warthman was a member of the Erie Composite Squadron 502, Pennsylvania Wing, and the third Spaatz recipient in that squadron. Jerry attended IACE to New Zealand in 1978. He wanted to go somewhere he would least likely be able to revisit in his lifetime. He never returned there. He was presented his award by a federal judge at special squadron banquet at the Holiday Inn, Edinboro, PA in June 1978. Jerry lived in Canada in the Mid-70s and was a member of the Air Cadet League of Canada. He was a member of the Squadron 502 Ranger Competition Team in 1976. He was awarded a CAP solo scholarship in 1978 and soloed later that year. His instructor said he was a natural pilot. Jerry later took up skydiving and was a jump instructor. He died of Leukemia on 17 September 1992, having turned 35 just 10 days before.

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