Why Incorporate?

In September, TSA formally incorporated in the State of Alabama as The Spaatz Association, Inc. This is a significant event for a number of reasons, as association vice-president Tom Hurley (#305), explains:

Why Incorporate?
Some of our members have wondered what the benefits to the incorporation of the Association really are. The first thing of biggest importance is that it provides a formal structure for us to focus on large tasks such as raising scholarship money. It further allows us to request a 501c3 status with the IRS so that all of our fund raising efforts remain tax free and donations by our members and others can be used as tax deductions. (This process is in preparation as I write this article.)

Incorporation also gives a focus to the efforts of our association making the things we wish to do easier. How many times have you said, “CAP ought to do this” or “It sure would be nice if the Spaatzen gave something back to our country” or “Okay, I’m now a dynamic American now what?” You now have a forum to not only discuss issues that are important to you, but to participate in coming up with solutions. Team work is responsible for achieving most ends. Now we can work together to come up with the resources, skills, and talents that may take your idea and do something with it! We are a many-talented group!

Incorporation provides a legal framework with which we can protect ourselves while accomplishing our goals and objectives. It is unfortunate, but we live in a litigous society.

Incorporation gives us recognition as a group rather than having to act as a collection of individuals. This now provides us with a platform to express our concerns as a unified body.

Along with our bylaws, we now have everything we need to function as a cohesive unit. What we accomplish only you and your fellow Spaatzen will decide! This is the importance of incorporation.

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