Spaatzen USAFA Appointees

The Association is proud to announce the following members have reported to the United States Air Force Academy as part of the Class of 2001:

  • Joshua Cadice (#1276)
  • Brian Jandorf (#1272)
  • Jessica Kratz (#1306)
  • Tracy Nettleblad (#1321)
  • Richard A. Webb (#1314)

Fellow spaatzen Jason Trew (#1181) and Marc Johnson (#1256), both in their third year at the Academy, were members of the Basic Cadet Training cadre; Trew sought out and personally welcomed each incoming CAP cadet, providing a much-needed morale boost. TSA president Beth Dunn (USAFA Class of ’85) also visted the Academy during BCT. Representing USAFA at National Board in Las Vegas, Trew reported that every CAP cadet successfully completed BCT and began academics on August 4th. Congrats to our new doolies!

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