Annual Meeting, California Style

Spaatzen at CAWG Encampment Graduation Standing, from left: Matt Johnson, Jorge Barriere, Scott Englund, Wayne Brown, Tony Upton, Darryl Choy, Brian Luce, Scott Matthews (doing his best Mike Donat impression). Squatting: C/Col Andrew Meislin. Missing from photo: Christine (McKannon) Lee, Aaron Kahn. (photo: Josh Pavlovich)

While everyone else was meeting in Denver, California had its own gathering of diamonds following graduation activities at the CAWG encampment in San Luis Obispo. Tony Upton, #99, was in attendance as a proud parent—his son, Cody, was a member of the cadet staff. And sighted amidst all the blue and gold CAWG patches was one with a pineapple emblazoned on it, worn by Hawaii Wing Director of Cadet Programs Maj Darryl Choy, #1154, who served as a tactical officer at the encampment. 31 Aug 99

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