Bahl Awarded DFC Posthumously

The late Chris Bahl, #915, was posthumously awarded the Air Force’s Distinguished Flying Cross for a combat mission flown over Kosovo shortly before his death in 1999. Award ceremonies were held at RAF Lakenheath, England, where he was a member of the 492nd Fighter Squadron, 48th Fighter Wing (USAFE). In part, the citation read:

“While flying as flight lead…overcome significant enemy threats and logistical obstacles…severe weather…was fired upon by anti-aircraft artillery…expertly targeted his flight against seven artillery encampments targeted against ethnic Albanians…personally delivered four laser guided bombs, all direct hits…delivery of cluster munitions, further suppressing the artillery threat to civilians.”

Chris graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1994 and was an active-duty captain and F-15E pilot at the time of his death. 3 Aug 2000

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