Garcia Flying High with U.S. Navy

Alain R. Garcia, #1223, was recently promoted to Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. After graduating from Central Washington University with a B.S. in History, Alain completed the U.S. Navy’s Officer Candidate School at the top of his class and received his commission in September of 1997. He then began flight training where he flew various jet aircraft including the Air Force T-37 and the Navy’s T-2 and T-45 jet trainers.

Upon completion of carrier qualifications, Lieutenant Garcia received his wings of gold and designation as a Naval Aviator on January 14, 2000. He then took orders out to NAS North Island, Calif. to learn to fly the S-3B Viking where he graduated withTop Stick and Top Hook honors. Currently Lieutenant Garcia is stationed in NAF Atsugi, Japan with the “Fighting Redtails” of VS-21, who are part of the only forward deployed air wing in the U.S. Navy. Here he has already completed one deployment on board the USS Kitty Hawk and is in the process of learning to become an LSO (Landing Signals Officer) in addition to his flying duties. 7 Oct 2001

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