Married Spaatzen Marries Spaatzen

In a unique twist on the whole married Spaatzen thing, Ned Lee, #356—already happily married to one Spaatzen (wife Chris, #235)—married another one in December. Though some sort of deviant behavior can’t be ruled out entirely (we’re talking California, after all), we’re reasonably certain that Ned hasn’t taken up bigamy; rather, he presided over the wedding of Scott Matthews, #1390, and Scott’s lovely bride, Christina (a former Mitchell cadet), in his civic capacity as a Santa Clara County Superior Court justice. In honor of the fact that bride and groom and most in attendance are/were CAP members, Judge Ned spoke of the “Encampment Model of Marriage”, drawing parallels and distinctions between successfully hurdling encampment and success in marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews have made their home in San Jose while Scott completes his studies in digital filmmaking at Cogswell Polytechnical College. (Webmaster’s note: Scott spent over a month this summer traveling across the country filming most of CAP’s national special activities for a special CAP video project. I had a chance to see some of his footage recently, and it’s absolutely stunning. Watch for the fruits of his labors in the coming year.Updated 7 Oct 2001

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