Spaatzen Seeing Different Shade of Blue

Following a three year tour flying C-130s, Major Brian Shannon, USAF, #986, found himself at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas, training future Naval Aviators! On loan to the U.S. Navy for three years, Brian is assigned to Training Squadron 31 (VT-31), where he is an Instructor Pilot in the T-44A Pegasus, a military derivative of the Raytheon King Air C90. The major reports that in his spare time, he’s building a Glasair Super II-S RG homebuilt in his garage (looks like Ron Wanttaja, #315, author of books Kitplane Construction and Airplane Ownership, has himself another homebuilt disciple!). Brian says, “Any former CAP cadets going to the C-130 after SUPT….look me up & I’ll hook you up!!!” 23 Jul 2002

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