McLaughlin Appointed to National CAP Post

In December, CAP National Commander Maj Gen Richard Bowling appointed Dr. Kay McLaughlin, Spaatz #526, to serve as chief of CAP’s Health Services Program, a post which carried a promotion for the doctor to the CAP grade of colonel. Prior to the appointment, the 25-year CAP veteran was the Michigan Wing Vice Commander and has served as a squadron commander as well.

Dr. McLaughlin is an osteopathic physician and has practiced internal medicine in St. Johns, MI for the past eight years. She has served as Chief of Staff for the local hospital and is also an FAA Aviation Medical Examiner. She and husband Lt Col Rick McLaughlin recently represented Civil Air Patrol at the annual Aerospace Medical Association conference in San Antonio, Texas, attending seminars on topics of value to all CAP members and making many positive contacts with their counterparts in all branches of the armed forces. The colonel’s health and fitness articles appear each month in CAP News15 Aug 2003

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