2004 Election Results

This weekend, Mike Murphy and his TSA Election Commission Team completed their tabulation and validation of ballots for TSA national officers for the coming year, and I am pleased to announce the following results:

  • Stephen W. Austen for a two-year term as TSA National President
  • Richard L. Griffith for a two-year term as TSA National Secretary
  • The following TSA members to two-year terms to the even-numbered seats on the TSA Board:
    • Edward F. (Ned) Lee (California);
    • Ted F. Bowlds (Ohio);
    • Lawrence L. Trick (Maryland);
    • Marla K. Patterson (Washington State); and
    • Michael A. G. Murphy (Washington State).

Because of the delayed nature of this year’s election (beyond the usual venue at the TSA National Meeting in conjunction with the CAP Summer National Board Meeting), I feel that the election results should have immediate effect. I discussed this matter today with President-Elect Steve Austen and outgoing TSA Secretary Mike Murphy, and they concur; therefore, the above results will be effective tonight [10 Oct 04] at midnight ET.

One last item of business: Steve’s election to the office of TSA National President vacates the TSA National Vice President’s chair occupied by Steve over the last year. For that reason, Steve will soon lead the TSA Board through the selection process delineated by the TSA Constitution in cases of out-of-cycle position vacancies on the TSA Board.

As I conclude my four years as TSA National President, I thank all of you and your predecessors on the TSA Board for the absolutely outstanding leadership and selfless devotion that you have demonstrated in furthering the mission of TSA, mentoring CAP cadets across the country, and perpetuating the TSA Aviation Leadership Scholarship (ALS) program. I am especially indebted to Steve Austen, Mike Murphy, Tim Cheslock, and the many members of the TSA Board over the last four years who have made The Spaatz Association an organization of which all of you can be proud–and which today is also a source of pride and satisfaction for Carla Spaatz Thomas, Carl A. Spaatz Thomas, and all other members of the Spaatz family with whom we’ve interacted. I also single out Robert J. Mattes for his quiet, behind-the-scenes leadership of our ALS program, which is of course our signature program that has had the most far-reaching effect on the young lives we seek to impact through TSA. I also thank Matthew M. Johnson for his steadfast stewardship of our TSA website for these many years, which has been a key element in making TSA a 21st century organization and in keeping our membership and the general public informed as we have sought to perpetuate and honor the memory of General Tooey Spaatz.

I leave CONUS on Tuesday for five days in Singapore to discuss the potential sale of F-15 fighters to the Republic of Singapore Air Force and will return to Washington next Saturday. By that time, the new TSA Board will be rolling at full strength under Steve’s capable leadership and your engaged participation. Best of luck and Godspeed to all of you–I look forward to supporting your efforts and the purposes, programs, and mission of TSA in a renewed capacity in the not-too-distant future!

Warmest regards,
Rich Anderson

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