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Glad to see the word is slooooowly getting out about this place! Very little is set in stone here as yet, so please feel free to make suggestions for new discussion sub-groups, etc.

What happened to the old e-mail list? Why a web-based chat board?
We realize that coming to a website chat board is not quite as convenient as opening your inbox, but in the Age of Spam, web hosting providers are more skittish about hosting e-mail list servers than ever before; just one irresponsible or dishonorable client can result in all of a host provider’s servers being blocked from a major ISP’s network, such as AOL. Besides, without running some sort of archive service, it’s impossible to see what sorts of previous discussions have taken place; it’s very possible that someone may have asked a similar question before. A trend noticed from the relative failure of the CAP-Cadet mailing list and subsequent monumental success of the CadetStuff forums is that cadets don’t much care to be the first one testing the waters, so to speak. They feel much more comfortable “lurking” for a bit before participating.

What we hope to accomplish here
To be as succinct as possible, we hope these forums will facilitate a sense of Community among not just the Spaatz recipient community, but among all folks with a passion (past or present) for the CAP Cadet Program. To be sure, TSA’s focus is on big-picture development, networking, and mentoring–that is to say, we’re interested in strategic-level Cadet Programs matters and Life issues, rather than helping a cadet learn to shine shoes or assemble a uniform properly. We aim to complement rather than compete with the CadetStuffforums, and there are legions of folks over there to help with such questions. In a way, we hope these forums will become an extension of our Mentoring Initiative, providing an opportunity for cadets to have questions regarding higher education, careers, etc answered by folks who’ve “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”.

So there you have it. Back by popular demand, we bring you a venue to gather and commiserate over your lost cadethood, help a cadet choose between colleges or academies, or just chew the fat. We’ve provided the sand and sandbox, whatever shape your sandcastle will take is entirely up to you. So once again, welcome! Make yourself at home.
Matt Johnson
Spaatz #901
Spaatz Association Webmaster

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