2005 TSA Annual Meeting Recap

The Spaatz Association met in St. Louis during the CAP National Convention. In a focused but productive meeting, results of on-line elections were announced, the previous year reviewed and discussions held to set future direction.

The meeting kicked off with a special visit from former CAP Cadet, Spaatz Award recipient and now NASA Astronaut (Pilot), Lt. Col. Eric Boe, USAF. He shared a picture of himself as a fledgling Cadet Officer posed by a model of the Space Shuttle. “If I only knew then…” Lt. Col. Boe mused, and then told about his years as a CAP Cadet and a Cadet Colonel and how these shaped his career path toward space flight.

National President Stephen Austen outlined key accomplishments of the Association during our 2004/2005 programming year.

  • Three Aerospace Leadership Scholarships (ALS) awarded – TSA has now awarded some $40,000 to deserving Cadets under the stewardship of Director Bob Mattes.
  • 2005 Mid-Winter Dinner “Celebrating Aerospace Leaders” – in Washington DC. Nearly 40% were Cadets who attended courtesy of corporate and other sponsors. This raised $3,500 for our scholarships.
  • Aerospace Careers For Cadets Event — in St. Louis for Cadets attending the CAP Convention. Featured presentations by and Q&A with Astronaut Lt. Col. Eric Boe and Mr. Dave Desmond, Chief Test Pilot for Boeing’s F/A 18 “Super Hornet” program.
  • On-Line Elections — courtesy of WebMaster Matt Johnson, streamlined our elections and saved hundreds of dollars in printing and postage.
  • Eagle Flight Initiative — Championed by TSA National VP Bobbie Tourville — our centerpiece fund raising campaign for 2005 grossing almost $4,000 for the ALS fund.
  • In-House Tax Filings — National Treasurer Tim Cheslock moved annual IRS filings “in-house” saving several hundred dollars per year.
  • Membership Outreach — a special effort — new Spaatzen receive a TSA info packet; all Spaatzen from #1400 up received a packet about TSA; Life Time Members received a re-designed certificate appreciating their continuing engagement; Holiday Letters outlining TSA’s accomplishments sent to TSA members and key individuals at CAP NHQ; also launched this “E-Newsletter” for enhanced communication.

On-going Initiatives — “Irons In The Fire”

  • PayPal — a TSA account for on-line credit card payment of dues, dinner reservations, merchandise purchases and donations. Webmaster Matt Johnson champions this key project.
  • Affinity Merchandise — Former Director George Navarini champions a “line” of TSA-branded items to complement our coins and lapel pins. Golf Shirts, coffee mugs, desk sets are mentioned.
  • Air Force Academy TSA Chapter — all USAFA Spaazten were contacted to assess their interest in forming our first TSA Chapter. Director Kaycee Gilbert is POC.
  • National Advisory Council — The NAC are former National Commanders of CAP. Each received a briefing folder on TSA. Our goal is to solicit the support and sponsorship of that distinguished group for TSA scholarships. Former National CC Rich Anderson and TSA President Steve Austen are involved.

The 2005/2006 Program Year — “Ideas and Champions wanted!”

  • 10th Anniversary Celebration – 2006 is our 10th anniversary as a corporation. Suggestions needed for special commemorative items or activities.
  • 2006 Mid-Winter Dinner — a “theme”, keynote and helping hands is needed. A special reception for Lifetime Members is proposed. Curt LaFond, TSA Program Manager spearheads this signature effort.
  • Regionalized Outreach — Director Noelle Sublett proposed an enhanced TSA presence at CAP Region Meetings via information displays; contact with NCAC and RCAC meetings; providing speakers, etc.
  • Fraternal Activities — more social events for TSA members vs. fund raising/marketing events. Former Director Doug Rutherford suggested regionalized and/or periodic “mixer’s or dinners. Also, better publicity for the traditional TSA table at CAP National Conventions.
  • Mentoring Activities — fine-tune focus to motivate Phase IV (Eaker) Cadets to earn their Spaatz Award. Also, Cadet Officer School is the premier Cadet leadership development activity — extend TSA support via an award to the top COS graduate(s), keynote speaker or sponsor a Cadet social with distinguished aerospace leaders.

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