TSA Newsletter v2n7 – January, 2006

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 9:12 pm    Post subject: TSA Newsletter v2n7 – January, 2006

Aerospace Leadership Scholarship Candidates Announced

Eighteen outstanding Cadets have applied for The Spaatz Association’s 2006 Aerospace Leadership Scholarship. This year TSA will award three scholarships worth $2,500.00 each. The goal of the scholarship is to assist the Cadet with the transition from a solo to a private pilot’s license. A portion can also be used to fund leadership activities, like Cadet Officer School, etc.

The following Cadets have applied for this year’s scholarship:

C/Lt. Col. Russell T. Ahrens New Castle Cadet Sq, PA
C/2nd. Lt. Tyler J. Beckman St. Mary’s Comp. Sq. MD
C/Capt. Emily Brown Rhea Co. Comp. Sq. TN
C/Col. Donald DeGarmo, IV Picatinny Comp. Sq. NJ
C/Maj. Quenton Finley North Tampa Cadet Sq. FL
C/2Lt. Peter Gies Ft. Lauderdale Comp. Sq. FL
C/1Lt Daniel Gorbach Lone Eagle Comp. Sq. NJ
C/2nd. Lt. Clark L. Hayes Royal Cadet Sq. CT
C/Lt. Col. Nelly Anne Hopper Frederick Comp. Sq. MD
C/Lt. Col. Nathan P. Kish CAP Squadron 051 OH
C/2nd. Lt. Nathan Lober Glenn Martin Comp. Sq. MD
C/2nd.Lt. Andrew R. Miller St. Mary’s Comp Sq MD
C/Capt. Maria A. Qwatse Jesse Jones Comp. Sq. PA
C/2nd. Lt. Anthony J. Rittwager, Jr. McGuire Comp. Sq. NJ
C/1st Lt. John Samonas Gainesville Comp. Sq. FL
C/2nd Lt Brandon A. Vis Worthington Comp. Sq. MN
C/1st Lt. Joshua F. Zeyfang Erie Comp Sq. 502 PA

These Scholarships are funded solely by dues and donations of TSA Members and through the generosity of benefactors, like Col. Louisa Morse, CAP (ret.). Col. Morse is a stalwart champion for our Cadets and funds two scholarships per year. The Spaatz Association’s strategic vision is to broaden our support base and to increase the number of scholarships awarded each year.

Who will this year’s winners be? Answers to this tough question now rest with the ALS Committee, chaired by Col. Bob Mattes, USAF, TSA Scholarships Chair. Joining him are committee members Brig Gen. Jim Jaeger, USAF (ret.), Maj. Steve Bolin and Stephen Austen, TSA National President.

The three scholarship winners will be announced at our 2006 Mid-Winter Dinner event on 4 March 2006 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va. For more information about the scholarship or the dinner and a reservation see TSA’s website: www.spaatz.org

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