TSA Newsletter v2n12 – May, 2006

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 9:01 pm    Post subject: TSA Newsletter v2n12 – May, 2006

Dear Spaatz Award Recipient:

I hope you have sensed, as I have, that The Spaatz Association is now approaching a critical juncture in its development as an organization.

We have progressed beyond what I call an early “entrepreneurial” stage into an “organizational” level of development. Our Association is now characterized by a more formal infrastructure with regular programs, marketing and membership services efforts.

All of this requires the support and commitment of leadership and support teams with a bias for action. This is said with the full knowledge that not all can contribute everything, but with the hope that all can contribute something.

We have about four weeks to develop a slate of candidates for our National Elections. We seek candidates ready to meet this challenge and even to take us to the “next level” as an effective non-profit corporation.

Whether you are an incumbent or someone looking to join in making a difference I invite you to engage as a leader of our Association! Toss your hat into the ring by applying for consideration to an elective position.

One the other hand, if you know a Spaatzen who would be an outstanding candidate feel free to nominate them. Nominations or applications should be about 175-250 words and emailed to: tsaelections.com not later than 31 May 2006.

Join us on our journey to the future!


Stephen Austen
National President
The Spaatz Association

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