TSA Newsletter v2n15 – June, 2006

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 8:55 pm    Post subject: TSA Newsletter v2n15 – June, 2006

2006 National Elections UPDATE

Thanks to the efforts of By-Laws Chair Tom Hurley, National Treasurer Tim Cheslock, National Secretary Richard Griffith and WebMaster Matt Johnson our efforts to assemble and verify the candidates for our 2006 National Elections has concluded! Our 2006 Candidates are:

• National President: Stephen Austen # 161 (unopposed)
• National Secretary: Michael Provencher, #1416 (unopposed)
• Director at Large (vote for 5):
Bruce Krell, # 44 Marla Patterson, #101 Ted Bowlds, # 290
Edward Lee, #356 Larry Trick, #452 Janon Ellis, # 661
Barry Federici, # 770 Stephen Schultz, # 904 Richard Griffith, # 1228

Voter Eligibility and The Voting Process
On-line voting will open in early July, 2006. You are eligible and are challenged to vote if you are a:

• Lifetime Member of The Spaatz Association, or
• Dues-Paid Member — having paid annual dues after 30 June 2005, or
• New Spaatzen — dues are waived for the first year after receiving your Spaatz award. For the purposes of this election this would include Spaatz awards dated after 30 June 2005. Therefore, if your Spaatz Award number is #1565 or higher you are eligible to register and vote.
From now until 30 June 2006 we are in the “Voter Registration Phase” for eligible voters. It’s a simple and easy process.

• Logon to The Spaatz Association Forums at: www.forums.spaatz.org and register as a member of The Forums.
• Email your name and Spaatz award number and Forums logon (not password) to: tsaelections@spaatz.org Your logon will be used to validate your eligibility and permit voting. Be ready to cast your vote in July!

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