TSA Newsletter v2n19 – October, 2006

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TSA and COS: Focused on Tomorrow’s Aerospace Leaders…

The on-going relationship between the Spaatz Association and the CAP Cadet Officer School (COS) was strengthened this year when the “top-performing” graduates of Cadet Officer School (COS) were recognized in the name of General Carl Spaatz, the first Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force and the former National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol. COS is widely appreciated as the premier CAP academic school for cadet officers with many Spaatz Award recipients counted as alumni.

The Spaatz Association constantly works to engage and improve the CAP Cadet Program by supporting outstanding activities and individuals. The Association is proud to recognize the COS Top Performers of 2006. Cadets Justin Baier, Matthew Carey, Steven DeCrane, Raphael Denman, Zachary King, Daniel Schoessler, Tyler Todd, and Joshua Waddell distinguished themselves by their outstanding performance and were each specially recognized by the Spaatz Association and received a Spaatz coin from TSA Board of Directors member Ned Lee (#356).

COS is a challenging 10-day academic tour-de-force that is based upon the USAF Squadron Officer School and uses many of the same instructors who teach the active-duty school. The instructors, most of whom hold PhDs, guide cadets through the Air Force approach to the psychology of leadership, problem solving techniques, effective writing, effective speaking, and group dynamics.

Typically, the cadets work long into the night researching and preparing their required papers and briefings. Traditionally, COS is conducted at the USAF Air University at Maxwell AFB. This year, however, due to increased requirements related to the Global War on Terrorism, COS was held at nearby Huntington College in Montgomery, Alabama. Cadets and their seminar leaders were housed in the college dorms.

COS is unique among the national-level cadet special activities due to an exceptional partnership between CAP senior members and USAF reservists who work side-by-side as seminar leaders supporting the rigorous academic program. COS is next scheduled for June, 2007.

More information on this year’s COS is also presented in the September/October issue of the “CAP Volunteer” Magazine.

TSA Membership Blitz Underway…

The Spaatz Association is inviting all Spaatz Award recipients to join us in this year’s “Membership Blitz”. Annual dues assure the continuity of key TSA programs like our website and Aerospace Leadership Scholarship They also insure your voice in Association affairs as dues-paid members are also eligible to vote in TSA elections. Join today via our website and with the convenience of Pay Pal — your support will allow TSA’s continued success story — now entering its second decade!

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