TSA Newsletter v2n22 – December, 2006

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 8:37 pm    Post subject: TSA Newsletter v2n22 – December, 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Board of Directors of The Spaatz Association in wishes you and yours best wishes wish for a Happy Holiday season and for a prosperous and successful New Year.

We can look back over 2006 remembering that we are closing out our first decade with a sense of pride in the accomplishments only made possible by our association together. We thank each of you for your friendship, focused support and commitment to excellence and leadership.

TSA’s earlier years in this first decade witnessed significant achievements and we can all share with satisfaction that 2006 was no exception. Some highlights:

• Our Aerospace Leadership Scholarship has been a signature program for the Spaatz Association since 1997. It has been possible only by your dues, donations and by very special benefactors like Col. Louisa Morse, CAP and the Spaatz Family. 2006 saw three scholarships awarded and, thanks to Col. Morse and a special fund-raising effort, 2007 will see up to six scholarships awarded! Our scholarships program continues to be guided by the sure hand of Col. Bob Mattes, USAF and the members of his scholarships committee.

• Reno, Nevada was the first-ever regionally-based “Gathering of Diamonds” meeting we’ve conducted. TSA Members have voiced the need for additional field-based opportunities for mentoring, networking and friendship and the Reno meeting proved a sound test of that concept. We would like to continue with at least 3 events of this type in 2007, but need Champions to assure their complete success. We are confident that in this group of leaders we will see these events expand.

On March 3, 2007 we will conduct our annual Mid-Winter Dinner and Awards Event. This signature TSA event brings CAP Cadets and National leaders together with Senior Air Force Officers and noted Aerospace Leaders for an evening of memorable friendship and recognition. This evening has evolved into a premier networking and mentoring event for TSA members, USAF and CAP Leaders and Cadets alike and this year will be no exception. Info to follow…

The coming year presents us with new challenges and opportunities as we seek to broaden our service to our members and to the CAP Cadet Program. In the coming months your Board of Directors will map our plans for The Spaatz Association’s next decade of service and we invite your thoughts, comments and observations via the “TSA Forums” on our website.

In closing, we wish Happy Holidays to each of you. We also send special prayers of support to those members who serve our Nation in the uniform of our Country and to their families. We are enriched by your friendship, inspired by your participation and it is our privilege to serve at your side.

Happy Holidays and Godspeed to each and every one of you in 2007!

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