TSA Newsletter v3n1 – January 2007

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2007 Mid-Winter Dinner and Awards Event…

The Spaatz Association announced its Fifth Annual Mid-Winter Dinner and Awards Event. Well-received over the years, it is an important opportunity for our Association to showcase its steadfast advocacy of the CAP Cadet Program.

The event is set for Saturday, 3 March 2007 from 1800 – 2100 hours at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va. Proceeds from the event will help fund future Aerospace Leadership Scholarships for CAP cadets. Uniform is service dress or business attire.

This year’s theme will be “The Air Force of the Future”! As we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Air Force we look to the Air Force’s next 60 years with special speakers and exciting exhibits. TSA members, CAP National Board and NEC members, other key CAP and CAP-USAF leaders, local Cadets and Cadet Program leaders, the Spaatz family and other benefactors and friends are all welcome to attend.

This year six of The Spaatz Association’s $2,500 Aerospace Leadership Scholarships will be presented to deserving CAP Cadets. CAP Cadets who are achieving key Cadet Program benchmark awards will also be recognized.

Two outstanding keynote speakers will visit. The first, representatives Gen. Spaatz’s family will visit us and reminisce about the early origins of today’s Air Force. Our keynote, Brig Gen Mike McClendon, USAF is a former Spaatz Cadet and now a leader in the organization of the Air Force’s new “Cyber Command”. Having just come from a four year tour with the Air Force Research Labs, Mike is uniquely qualified to provide a multi-media look at the Air Force of tomorrow! Also, the winner of the National Capitol Wing Cadet Competition (TBD) will be invited again to post and retire the Colors.

Special appreciation goes to Maj Gen Ted Bowlds, USAF, and Commander of the Air Force Research Laboratories. Thanks to his leadership there will be an up-close display of Air Force projects depicting future capabilities and technologies. Ted is a former Spaatz Cadet and will be accompanied by a presentation team who are all former CAP Cadets. The family of General Spaatz promises to share some of the General’s personal memorabilia. The Cadet Programs Office at CAP National Headquarters will have historical documents from the earliest days of the Cadet Program on display.

As with every year, we make a broad appeal inviting new Spaatz Award recipients to be present so that their awards could be presented by the Spaatz family and the General Officers present.
Please see our website (www.spaatz.org) to secure your reservation. We look forward to the pleasure of your company!

Stephen W. Austen
National President – The Spaatz Association

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