TSA Newsletter v3n5 – March 2007

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TSA Annual Dinner Event Sets New Records…

Nearly 140 Spaazten, CAP Cadets and Senior Members from across the country joined with senior Air Force and national CAP leaders in this year’s Annual Dinner and Awards Event in Arlington, VA. By every measure this event was a resounding success with a record-breaking attendance, corporate sponsorships and the award of $15,000 in TSA’s Aerospace Leadership Scholarships to six outstanding CAP Cadets.

This year’s theme was a celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the United States Air Force. At its centerpiece was a visit by the family of Gen. Carl A. Spaatz, a special keynote by Brig. Gen Mike McClendon, USAF and special exhibits furnished by the Spaatz family and the Air Force Research Labs, commanded by Maj.Gen. Ted F. Bowlds.

The evening’s speakers ushered our guests from the earliest days of the Air Force, through today and into its “next 60 years”.

Ms. Katherine Gresham, Spaatz Family historian, shared previously unpublished information from the very war diaries of Gen. “Tooey” Spaatz. These offered penetrating insights set against the mighty air campaigns of World War II. These riveting passages reflected the personal thoughts and leadership of not just Gen. Spaatz but other iconic Air Force leaders as they forged the very foundations of today’s United State Air Force.

Brig Gen Mike McClendon, former CAP Cadet and Spaatz Award recipient, presented a sweeping overview of the Air Force capabilities of yesterday, today and tomorrow. From the P-47 of WWII, through the F-117 and B-2 stealth aircraft of today and into the world of invisible energy weapon platforms operating at hypersonic speeds in near-space it was a tour-de-force presentation. He also challenged today’s CAP Cadets that this “science fiction turned science fact” world will be theirs to lead.

The prestigious Air Force Laboratory also provided exhibits relating to future weapons and avionics system now under development. A team from the laser weapons lab at Kirtland AFB and the wireless [censored] project at Wright- Patterson AFB, led by Capt Luke Davis (former CAP Cadet and Spaatz Award winner) and Capt. Ryan Eggert (former CAP Cadet), respectively contributed immensely to the enjoyment and enlightenment of the evening. The Air Force Laboratory is led by Maj Gen. Ted Bowlds, also a former CAP Cadet, Spaatz Award recipient and TSA Director.

The Spaatz Association’s next event will be our annual “Gathering of Diamonds” in Atlanta in August — stayed tuned for more information…

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