2007 Annual Elections – RESULTS

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The Spaatz Association’s 2007 elections have concluded by breaking of some new ground for our Association. This year saw an outstanding slate of candidates, any of whom would be a powerful addition to your leadership team. Unfortunately, only a finite number of vacancies existed — however — there is really no loser in a contest like this; our Association and its members have emerged the true winners!

While your votes filled a number of positions, we have a four-way tie for one of our Board Seats which will necessitate an on-line run-off election — but more about that in a moment…

Certificate of Proficiency (“COP”) Membership Initiative:

In a precedent-setting move, the membership of The Spaatz Association voted a 74% approval to establish a new membership category — “COP Membership” — for our Association.

This clears the way for former CAP Cadets who held the highest-level Certificate of Proficiency Award (“COP”) earned in the original Cadet Program (“pre-Spaatz”, etc.) to join our Association as a non-voting member. This is in recognition of the COP being the capstone Cadet Program award available in that iteration of the Cadet Program.

We will quickly assemble an Action Team to formulate the authentication process by which COP Members can join TSA. These criteria will be established in consultation with CAP National Historians Col. Leonard Blascovich, CAP and Col. Louisa Morse, CAP (ret.).

Outgoing Board Members:

Before we announce the newest members of your leadership team I would like to recognize and appreciate some of the outgoing members of your Board of Directors.

Bobbie Tourville (#940a) is leaving as our National Vice-President and this is the second time she served TSA in that capacity. She was the champion of our very successful “Eagle Flight Initiative”; a key fund raiser benefiting our scholarships program. We acknowledge her initiative and hard work in producing this program.

Tim Cheslock (# 1173) is departing after a record-setting tenure as our National Treasurer. Under his sure hand and dedicated stewardship TSA saw both a careful conservation and a significant growth of our funds. Additionally, his initiative in moving our Federal tax preparations in-house saved our Association thousands of dollars in accounting fees.

Tim’s partnership with Webmaster Matt Johnson (#901) also achieved our long-sought objective of bringing the convenience of on-line transactions via PayPal to TSA.

Marla Patterson (# 101) is best remembered as our Founding President and has served faithfully as a Board member since the very inception of TSA. Her most recent contribution – one of many — was as Program Manager for 2007 Annual Dinner and Awards Event in Arlington, VA. This dynamic program set records for attendance, for the number of Aerospace Leadership Scholarships given and as a powerful fund-raiser for our scholarships program.

Returning Board Members:

Returning to our Board are three veteran directors, Mike Murphy (# 115), Bob Mattes (#445) and Austyn Granville, Jr. (#579).

Mike Murphy has served the Association in a number of elective positions, including National Vice-President and National Secretary. We welcome the continuity and working knowledge he contributes to our Association.

In addition to Director, Bob Mattes also serves as TSA’s Scholarships Coordinator. Under his watchful eye and focused stewardship our Aerospace Leadership Scholarships (ALS) program is the long-pole of our efforts as a premier benevolent association. For a decade now, and thanks to his leadership, over $50,000 has been disbursed to outstanding CAP Cadets as our ALS makes their dreams take flight!

Austyn Granville, Jr. was recently Commander of New York Wing and member of CAP’s National Board. He has been a long-standing member of TSA’s Board of Directors, lending useful insights in driving our successful relationship with CAP’s National Board and other key leaders.

A New Officer Assignment and A New Board Member:

Moving into a new position of leadership is Alternate Director Bruce Krell (# 44), who will don the mantle of TSA’s National Treasurer. Bruce holds several advanced degrees, is a published author, recognized expert in IT and consultant to the Defense Department and major corporations. His extensive experience in the arena of business, large and small, will easily move our financial affairs to the next level. Also, he most recently led TSA’s Action Team that produced our corporate position on CAP Cadet Program Milestone awards; notably the “Eaker Award”.

I would also like to welcome the newest member to our Board of Directors, C/Col. Susanna Marking (# 1614). One organizational vision is to actively involve CAP Cadets in the leadership of our Association. Perhaps one day all positions will be held and all affairs will be administered by active CAP Cadets! Susanna has served in numerous leadership positions in the Cadet Program and is now a Regional delegate to the National Cadet Advisory Council! C/Col Marking has already stepped-up to make an impact in TSA by volunteering for a leadership role in the execution of our 2008 Dinner and Awards event!

With Appreciation…

This note would not be complete without appreciation for our outstanding Elections Team. Once again they have delivered an on-line election process that set a new level of inclusiveness and integrity. I want to thank WebMaster Matt Johnson (#901), By-Laws Committee Chair Tom Hurley (# 305) and By-laws Committee Member and former National Legal Officer David Simmons (# 447) for their focused and expert support.

A Run-Off…

What remains now is to resolve a four-way tie to fill a remaining vacancy on our Board.

The four run-off candidates will be invited to post updated position statements on our website and our “Voting Booth” poll will soon open for a special election.

Members who have already registered to vote do not need to re-register. When the polls open on 1 August, simply logon and vote; one vote for one candidate. The timetable of key events is below.

31 July — candidates updated position statements due (optional)
1 August — polls open for run-off election
15 August — polls close
22 August — Elections Team certifies elections
25 August – results are publicized
1 September — new Board of Directors is seated

I am excited by the prospects for our Association that this outstanding group of leaders portends. Each will be challenged to take an active role in outreach to our members and in developing high-impact programs and events for you.

Feel free to contact any of us via The Spaatz Association Website with your ideas, thoughts and suggestions on how we can continue our journey on the goal of growing as a premier fraternal and benevolent association.

Thank you, as always, for your friendship and support!


Stephen Austen, # 161
National President’
The Spaatz Association

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