Looking for Champions

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:22 pm by Sandie D. Aurich, Spaatz #894

TSA is moving forward into the 21st century and changes that will boost our organization should be expressed to the board members so that we can act on what the Association as a whole wants to achieve for the future.

We cannot do it alone and I know there is no shortage of ideas from the membership at large on what we could be doing more of or be better at.

Bringing “lost” Spaatz reciepients to the organization should be considered a high priority and we need champions willing to reach out to those who are not members yet and encourage them to be a part.

If anyone has ideas on how to reach out to these individuals please post these ideas or contact a TSA board member with your ideas. We are valuable members of this organization.

Be a Champion and step up to the plate.

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