We Need Your News & Photos!

The new Spaatz website is just about to go live…and we need your help!  You may have noticed that our “Spaatzen in the News” and “Presentations” articles stop in 2005.  We aim to correct that….

We are looking for:

  • Pictures of Spaatz presentations (new or old)
  • Inputs for the “Spaatzen in the News” section (think of this as “Where are they Now?”), including articles from other media outlets that we may link to or republish
  • Updates on any “Fallen Diamonds
To submit your material, you may:
  • Email me
  • Post your stuff to our Facebook Page
  • Send hardcopy items to TSA Website, PO Box 1670, Monument, CO  80132 (if you wish the items returned, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope).


Mike Hower, #895
TSA Webmaster

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