2012 National Elections — Candidates Wanted

The 2012 election season is almost upon us. . .

  • We will elect a President, Secretary and five Directors.
  • Now accepting nominations or applications.
  • To nominate or to apply yourself email: elections@officers.spaatz.org
  • Must be a qualified member of The Spaatz Association.

A Legacy Of Excellence And Leadership. . .

  • Spaatzen are found at every level of career trajectory. High-impact leaders, like Maj Gen. Mark Matthews, USAF (#208, at left) of the Air Combat Command, mentor the CAP Cadets of today.
  • Association Officers and Directors are expected to urgently lead with hands-on involvement in Association programs and projects.

Aerospace Leadership Scholarships. . .

  • Spaatz Association scholarships put CAP Cadets in the cockpit!
  • $100,000 in scholarships have been awarded to outstanding CAP Cadets like C/Major Hamilton Evrard (at left).
  • Director Col. Bob Mattes, USAF (ret.) (#445) leads our scholarships team and is an outstanding example of servant-leadership.

With Vision And Leadership There Is No Limit. . .

Deadline for Nominations/Applications is 15 May 2012.  See the TSA Elections Page for procedures and additional information.

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