2012 Board of Directors Voting Now Open (corrected, 11 Jun 12)


The 2012 elections are upon us.  The Board of Directors invites you as a Lifetime member, dues paying member, or first year Spaatzen to weigh in on the selection of six of this year’s Board seats.  Eight candidates are competing for this Leadership opportunity.  Please visit our Elections page for additional information on the elections process, or visit the 2012 Candidate Biography Page for information on each individual.  Results will be posted on/about 15 July 2012.

Voting Instructions:

  1. To vote go to elections.spaatz.org
  2. Enter the following Voter ID and password (as provided via separate email)
  3. You will may be asked to enter your ID twice and
  4. You can only vote one time

The following rules are very important.

  • Once you enter your voter ID, you will not be allowed to vote again.
  • An attempt to vote more than once will be rejected.
  • Vote only for six of the eight listed candidates.
  • Any vote after the first six that you have selected will be dropped.

Voting will open 1 June 2012 and end 30 June 2012.  The Board of Directors hopes that you will take the opportunity to participate in the selection of TSA’s Leadership body.  Should you have any questions prior to casting your vote, please contact our National Secretary Sandie Aurich at Secretary@officers.spaatz.org.

Your participation in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to a future of even higher achievement towards TSA’s mission in support of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program.


Stephen W. Austen

Stephen W. Austen #161
National President
YourSpaatz Association

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