Time is running out…

Time is running out to cast your vote for the future leadership of the TSA Board!

By now each of you should have received by email or mail a letter with instructions including your Voter ID and a slate of candidates for this year’s elections. You have until 30 June 2012 to go on line at elections.spaatz.org and register your vote.

This election is the first opportunity for members to be a part in selecting TSA leadership for some time. Years past have not yielded a finer list of candidates for the open Board positions. We encourage all our Lifetime Members, Annual Members, and new Spaatzen to be a part of this selection process.

Should you have any questions regarding the voting process, or if you have not received your instructions and Voter ID plus a list of candidates, please contacts me at secretary@offficers.spaatz.org.

Sandie Aurich
National Secretary

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