Newest Spaatz Award Recipients

The Spaatz Association is pleased to announce the most recent Spaatz Award recipients from National Headquarters/Cadet Programs!

Ryan S. Howard, MS-102, Cert.#1924,  1-23-2014

Thomas A. Jessop, CO-030, Cert.#1925,  1-25-2014

Aubry M. Lindauer, OH-051, Cert.#1926,  02-03-2014

Megan L. Beatty, OH-051, Cert.#1927, 02-05-2014

Robert H. Ward, FL-435, Cert.#1928, 02-03-2014

Rand B. Fowler, TX-351, Cert.#1929, 11-19-2013

Dean L. Unruh, WA-080, Cert.#1930,01-25-2014

Tianna M. Chin, NY-373, Cert.#1931, 02-01-2014

Benjamin Hook, CO-159, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Bryce Kuykendall, CA-169, Cert.#1933, 01-31-2014

New Spaatz Award recipients receive a free year of membership in The Spaatz Association, and are eligible to participate in all Spaatz Alumni events and elections, as well as serve on the Association Board as Directors or Officers.

For more information on membership in The Spaatz Association, visit our Membership section page.

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