Spaatz 1931 Awarded in Brooklyn

On 19 April, C/Col Tianna Chin was awarded the Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award by Col Thomas Owens, II, USAF of the 106th Rescue Wing based  at Gabreski Air National Guard Base, Long Island, NY.

Adapted from a press release courtesy of 1Lt Debbie Peters, Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron

C/Col Tianna Chin of the Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron in Brooklyn, NY, receives the 1931 General Carl A. Spaatz Award

Tianna Chin became a member of Civil Air Patrol on January 31st, 2010, when she joined the Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron out of Brooklyn, NY. She began her career by attending her basic encampment in 2010 as a Foxtrot Florentine. After encampment, she quickly progressed through the CAP program and shortly became the Cadet Commander and held the position from 2011-2012. During her term, she worked tirelessly to turn a squadron of four active members to a squadron of at least 25 active members. Additionally, in 2012 she ran a successful bivouac for the entire New York City Group which had representation from most squadrons in the group.

Throughout her Civil Air Patrol career cadet Chin has reached out to all squadrons in NYCG and even traveled to other wings to share her experiences. She has staffed encampments in both New York Wing and Connecticut Wing. Additionally, she also participates actively as a staff member in the Northeast Region Cadet Leadership School. Throughout her cadet career she has been award a New York City Council Citation, Veterans Affairs Officer of the Year Awards, Air Force Associate Cadet of the Year Award, and Achievement Award for all of her efforts.

Tianna attempted her first Spaatz examination summer of 2013, and failed one portion by only two questions. Incidentally, she celebrated her fourth anniversary of Civil Air Patrol membership by retaking her exam on February 1st, 2014 and passing. She will be celebrating her last summer as a cadet by participating in Pennsylvania Wing’s cadet training schools as the Standards and Evaluations Officer in Charge of over 400 students and will be attending the International Cadet Exchange Program in the United Kingdom. Tianna is currently a student at Stony Brook University studying biochemistry. She is also a contracted Air Force ROTC cadet who will be attending field training this summer. In the Air Force, she would like to pursue Military Intelligence or Space and Missiles.

Excerpt from C/Col Chin’s speech at the ceremony on 19 April, 2014:

“When I first joined CAP, I was among about 20,000 cadets nationwide; there are over 21 billion teenagers nationwide. A year later, I was part of an elite 15%, then 5%, then 2%, and four years later .5%. I didn’t start at .5%, I started like everyone else, a basic.

Four years later, I am standing in front of you all witnessing how much this squadron has grown and how much I have grown. I want to share with everyone sitting here what being involved in this program, which has been so fundamental to my development, has taught me.

The older you get the harder it gets. You’re going to find yourself faced with making decisions that you haven’t read about in your leadership textbooks, where you can’t find the answers on Google. I learned that a lot of things become outdated and unreliable as time goes on but one thing I learned is that my Core Values always find a way to guide me. Never let integrity leave your side.

You can tell a lot about cadets, or people for that matter, from their parents. Being in this program taught me to deal with diversity and I now possess a greater understanding of why diversity happens, thanks to Civil Air Patrol. In a short time span I have met with cadets from all backgrounds even cadets from different countries.”

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