Certificate of Proficiency List Updated

Spaatzen and COP-ers,

We’ve updated our Certificate of Proficiency (COP) Master Recipient List with more than a dozen new names so far this year!  Please browse over to our COP page to learn more about the forerunner of the modern-day Spaatz Award, and help us expand our listing of recipients.

If you know of a COP recipient not included on our master list, please ask them to contact us via our website.

COP recipients are eligible to become members of the Association as well and help support our programs.  Watch for an all new COP membership packet to be posted to the website this summer, and new research events designed to help us reconstruct the master list lost in a fire at National Headquarters in the 1960s.

Due to manpower constraints, the COP list on our website is only updated semi-annually; however, we are looking for a Senior Volunteer Researcher to help expand our research efforts.  If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us.

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