2014 Election Candidates

When elections are opened, members will vote for 5 open Director seats using our online elections website:  http://elections.spaatz.org.  Each voting eligible member will receive a personalized voting password via email on 26 July 2014.  If you haven’t received your password by 28 July, please contact us at secretary@spaatz.org.

The Director candidates for the 2014 are:

Brian Campbell (Spaatz #1219)  (Resume)

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors for the Spaatz Association for the past 2 years. When Rich Anderson nominated me for a seat on the board two years ago, I promised that I would work to achieve a few milestones as a board member. The first was to increase the number of flight scholarships, raise money to have a more far reaching impact into Civil Air Patrol and to look for opportunities outside of our own organization.

It turns out that in less than 2 years, the board has achieved these goals and so much more. We have launched the new grant initiative and have already awarded over $10k to local units, wings and cadets in support of their programs. We have impacted over 120 cadets as a result of this program. I have utilized my network of resources to raise more than $50k over the past 2 years to fund and support our program. I continue to look for ways of securing consistent funding such as corporate matching programs, PAC matches and diverting United Way contributions to our organization. I worked with and secured matching funding to send 10 cadets to ground school in 2014 (and looking to move this forward to become a permanent benefit of the organization).

I have attended all but one board meeting since I was elected to the board. I would like to continue to look for opportunities to expand our grant program and secure significantly more funding. I would like to encourage the membership to create an associate non-voting membership category for those people who would like to support the Spaatz Association.

There is a lot of work to be done to continue to move our organization forward, and would be honored to continue serving as one of your board members.

Thank You.

Brian M. Campbell, Major, CAP
Spaatz #1219

John Hedrick (Spaatz #1411) (Resume)

(nomination submitted by Brian M. Campbell, Spaatz #1219 and accepted by John Hedrick, Spaatz #1411)

I am pleased to nominate John W. Hedrick, Spaatz #1411, for election to the Board of Directors of The Spaatz Association, Inc.

John joined Civil Air Patrol in 1993 and earned his Spaatz award in 1998.  He has held ever command position within a squadron including cadet commander and squadron commander, and most recently served as the Director of Cadet Programs for the Delaware Wing.  John is a Commercial CFI and works for the Department of Homeland Security Investigations, SAC Philadelphia.

Having known John since he was a cadet, and the dedication that he has to the cadet program of CAP, John will be a significant asset to the board.  He will help with fundraising efforts and help elevate the great work already being done.

Brian M. Campbell, Major, CAP
Spaatz #1219

John Reutemann (Spaatz #1463) (Resume)

My name is John Reutemann and I earned my Spaatz Award in 2002, right before beginning the 8 years of seminary that would make the Catholic priest and Air Force chaplain that I am today. I have always had great pride (the non-sinful kind!) in my Spaatz Award, and have always done whatever I was able to encourage many other cadets across the nation to pursue it as well, but given my time constraints due to seminary formation, I was never able to take an active role in The Spaatz Association. Now that I am settled in my first active duty assignment, I believe that I could take on such a role and continue all the great work that TSA has already begun.

I have often thought back and marveled on how CAP, and specifically my efforts to attain the Spaatz Award myself, have really shaped my life and given me the motivation to reach so many other milestones in my life. This, of course, has made me quite thankful for both CAP in general and the Spaatz Award specifically, and thus spurs me on now to show that gratitude by taking a more active role in TSA. There will certainly be many others more qualified than me, but I do believe that, as a priest and a chaplain, I would bring a unique perspective that would otherwise be absent.

Thank you for your consideration.

John Reutemann, Capt, USAF
Spaatz #1463

Dominic Strug (Spaatz #573) (Resume)

I am currently a Captain, B737 at American Airlines, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, USAFR, active CAP member pilot/examiner and member of the Apex Cadet Squadron—which just promoted our 8th Cadet Colonel! All since forming the unit in 2002…

I would like to serve, because of need. I appreciate all we do for all of our young people. I would like to see us do more—by providing opportunities for leadership and other outstanding activities.

Dominic A. Strug, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)
Spaatz #573

Mike Taylor (Spaatz #103) (Resume)

I would like to ‘self nominate’ myself for a position on the board of directors. I am not currently an active member within Civil Air Patrol, but have kept ‘close’ to what transpires within both the Aerospace Industry in general, and within Civil Air Patrol in particular. Because of a family illness (wife is disabled), I have not had the opportunity to participate actively as a CAP member for many years.

Mike Taylor
Spaatz #103

Larry Trick (Spaatz #452) (Resume)

My Vision for The Spaatz Association by Larry Trick

I wish to self-nominate for another term on the Board of Directors of the Spaatz Association. We must keep The Spaatz Association relevant and in the forefront of our Civil Air Patrol cadet and senior members.

I have experience as a wing commander and on Region and National Staffs. I also have recent experience as a squadron commander which combined with my board service as director, president and vice president, makes me a unique candidate. I wish to use this experience to help the organization.

I have actively sought out our alumni for the last twenty years. I have been involved in The Spaatz Association since the beginning. I have attended all of our winter meetings and dinners as well as all summer meetings from 1994 until 2004 and once again in 2012.

I have ensured news articles on several of our folks made it into the CAP Volunteer magazine.  I have nominated our organization and its members for Brewer Awards for several years. The most recent was a 2013 nomination for Doug Roach. We need to keep this activity going.

In 2014, I helped get us to sponsor CAP cadets going to the National Character Leadership Symposium (NCLS) at the Air Force Academy. The CAP participation at this activity was in danger of being cancelled until we came along. This is another program we can contribute to. We can also expand our support of other cadet national activities.

We need to continue to connect our alumni with each other and CAP. I have gotten updates on our scholarship winners for several years. I have vast experience with STEM and young people as co-ops and summer hires. I was involved with the Science and Engineering Apprentice Program through GWU and the Calvert High Mentorship program.

I have mentored many CAP cadets, some which have retired from the military as O-6s. Some still serve. I have also mentored many civilian engineers who re now GS-15s (O-6 equivalents) and a military member who is an F-35 test pilot.

I look forward to meeting each one of you and serving another term.  Thank You for your time.

Lawrence Lawrence L. “Larry” Trick, Col, CAP
Spaatz #452

NOTE:  The positions for National President and National Secretary ran unopposed in 2014, however, the National Secretary submitted his vision for the organization.

Mike Hower, Spaatz #895, National Secretary (Resume)

My name is Mike Hower, Spaatz #895, and I’m looking to remain on the Board of Directors of The Spaatz Association.  I’ve served on the Board since 2009, and as your National Secretary since 2012.  This has been an interesting time for the Association — some good, some turbulent — but we’ve made many good changes under the leadership of former president Stephen Austen and current President Ted Bowlds.  I’m looking to continue those changes and improve the way we do business as your National Secretary.

My vision for the Association is a simple one — to be the premier benevolent organization focused on developing future American aerospace leaders.  Many organizations support the Civil Air Patrol in general; many more support youth development.  Few focus specifically on aerospace and leadership — both of which are much needed skills to thrive and keep America strong in today’s rapidly changing world.  Aerospace education helps educate, motivate, and mentor the next generation into careers involving science, technology, engineering, and math — fields we need experts in to keep our economy moving forward.  Leadership prepares our youth for the future, so they can face the challenges of tomorrow with skills they don’t typically develop at home or at school: critical thinking, collaboration, public speaking, and effective team building.  The Spaatz Association, with its large, diverse membership and nationwide reach, is in a unique position to promote these disciplines.

When I assumed the role of National Secretary in 2012, I campaigned on a platform to improve communications with a new website and social media web presence; expand our mentoring and scholarship programs; and improve fundraising.  With the help of your dedicated Board members, we’ve made significant progress toward each of these goals.  Now it is time to go to the next level.  If I’m reelected to this position for the 2014-2016 term, my goals are simple — to build and begin to implement a comprehensive five-year strategic plan focused on growing the Association to:

  • Increase membership levels by creating real value for our members — making membership in The Spaatz Association both prestigious and beneficial through awareness, marketing, and partnership promotion campaigns.
  • Collect the histories of our members — both Spaatzen and CoP recipients — as records of the past, and lessons for our future.
  • Focus our efforts on core competencies — scholarships and grants, mentoring, and promotion of aerospace and leadership programs instead of merchandising and fundraising.
  • Reinvigorate our planned giving program to enhance our donor base — ensuring continued support of the Association through increased individual and corporate donations, endowments, and bequests.
  • Professionalize our board and improve operations by adopting accepted best practices for non-profit board management and day-to-day operations — potentially changing our management approach from that of a “volunteer, working Board” to a professional, part-time staff dedicated to achieving our mission.

These goals will help us provide resources to reach more people and make more of an impact in the lives of today’s youth.  Doing all this will not be easy.  It will take a commitment from each member of the Board and our supporting members.  As your National Secretary, I will work to make this happen.

Michael J.  Hower, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)
National Secretary, Spaatz #895
The Spaatz Association, Inc.

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