Member Update 2016

Greetings Spaatzen!

After much technical difficulty, we are officially kicking off our 2016 Member Update and Elections season.  This new site should put an end to more than two years of problems with our update system, which has caused many member applications to go unprocessed, and even more memberships to become dormant.

If you didn’t receive an email with a username and password, please contact us to get your login information and update your contact information in our new Member Service system.  If you received a postcard, contact us and provide an email so you can activate your account.

The new Member Service system replaces our old Google Forms-based Information Update (and even older, postcard system) with an account that YOU control.  Once you activate your account, you can update your contact and biographical information with us as it changes — no more waiting for confirmation or postage required!

You can also use our new system to manage your Spaatz Association membership donation. If you don’t know your current membership status, or when your current membership expires, check out our Member Status list.  If your membership is current (or lifetime), then you don’t need to do anything else.  If your membership donation has expired, or if you would like to make a new donation, simply visit Member Services and click the “Renew” link.

If you would like a new member packet sent to you, click “Send me a new member packet” when you first edit your profile.  (Make sure you provide a good mailing address.) Alternatively, you can download a packet containing everything except a  personalized certificate and membership card online after 1 August.  Lifetime members, if you didn’t get your lapel pin and engraved coin, please click here to order free replacement merchandise directly from the mint.

Finally, we are in the midst of election nominations!  We are electing two Officers (President and Secretary) and five Directors this year.  If you would like to Lead the Legacy and be part of our Board, complete a self-nomination form before 31 July 15 July.  If you aren’t ready for the commitment of a Board membership, consider one of our volunteer positions.  We are looking for good candidates in all 50 states to support our new Wing and Region Liaison program.

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Semper Vigilans,

Mike Hower, #895
National Secretary

Edited:  11 July 2016 – self-nomination deadline extended to 31 July due to website technical issues; instructions updated for clarity.

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