Spaatzen Billy Dean (#1213) dies in rockfall

Fellow Spaatzen,

I received this the other day.


Dear Spaatz Association:

I regret to notify you of the passing of a former Spaatz Cadet Billy A. Dean (Award #1213). I had the pleasure of knowing Billy as he and I were in the same company at West Point, H-2, from 1994-1995. I was the only other CAP Cadet at his award ceremony at West Point in 1994. We worked together many times and had many great adventures. He also taught my climbing and rappelling courses at West Point.

Billy was essential in our ongoing efforts to defeat the daesh in Iraq and Syria. I am attaching a newspaper article that speaks about a fraction of his accomplishments and the lives of the people he has enriched.

Semper Vigilans!


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