Problems with 2020 Board Member Application/Nominations Website

Fellow Spaatzen,

Google made a change in their Forms Security and is requiring a Google Signin to use the application/nomination form that is on the website.  Until I can figure out how to disable this, please sign in using ANY google account when prompted.  If you cannot do this, please send your application via e-mail to: with the following information:


Sorry for the difficulties.


  • Grade
  • First and Last Name
  • Level of Award Received (Spaatz, Falcon, COP)
  • Award Number or Date of COP
  • EMail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Position(s) Running For (President, Secretary, Board Member)
  • A brief statement reflecting the member’s vision for The Association, the goals the member desires to pursue during the term, and how he or she will actively pursue those goals as part of the Working Board.
  • 100-Word Biographical Summary
  • A resume evidencing the member’s qualifications to serve as a Board Member.  This is NOT a CAP resume; rather it is an opportunity for the member to present his or her background and qualifications to serve in the capacity of Officer or Director in a fraternal, non-profit organization with financial assets in excess of $250,000.
  • A recent head-and-shoulders photograph (in civilian clothes, unless retired from one of the Armed Services or the Civil Air Patrol) to support our new website.  The photograph should be suitable for publication

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