2013 Election Candidates

NOTE:  The positions for National Vice President and National Treasurer ran unopposed for 2013.

Members will vote for 5 of 7 open Director seats using our online elections website:  http://elections.spaatz.org.  If you haven’t received your personalized voting password, contact us at secretary@spaatz.org.

Self-Nomination for Sandie Aurich (Spaatz #894)

My name is Sandie Aurich.  I am Spaatz #894, and I have been a member of the TSA Leadership Team since 2008.  During this time I have served on the Board as a Director, and served two years as the National Secretary. What I will bring to the board for the upcoming term is a dedication to the Mentorship Program, a TSA Board project for which I have been actively working on with two other board members since September 2012.  To date I have aided in the creation and implementation of the “Road to the Spaatz” questionnaire,  the new “The Professional’s Corner” biography essay program, and the “Road to Becoming a Pilot” program.

My skills are in education, program development, and program management. I have 30 years in leadership experience as part of The Spaatz Association, in the Civil Air Patrol, and in civilian sector using skills in community outreach, resource problem solving, team building, marketing and volunteer management.  I will bring these skills to my continued service on the Board.

My primary goal, should I be re-elected, is to stay focused on development of the Mentorship Program.  Using the above projects as a foundation, I will work with the Mentorship Team to add additional questionnaires aimed at educating and informing current and upcoming Spaatzen alike.  My goal is to create a questionnaire every 3 to 4 months which will engage seasoned Spaatzen with younger generations.  In addition, as a Mentorship Team, I would like to look into other projects that may fit under the Mentorship umbrella including the use of You Tube videos to transfer knowledge.

Having a Mentorship Program has always been a focus of the board, and I am grateful to have a part in developing it.  It is always my goal to support, assist, and participate in each of The Spaatz Association’s endeavors.

A brief background: I am a CAP Lt Col and 34 year veteran of CAP.  Currently, I am a member of Columbia Composite Squadron based in Portland, Oregon.  After returning to school in 2009 for a second time, I recently graduated earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. I currently volunteer for NAMICC (National Alliance of Mental Illness-Clackamas County) on its Peer Advocacy Team.


Self-Nomination for Alan Dickinson (Spaatz #524)

My name is Alan Dickinson.  I joined The Spaatz Association Board in early 2012, and I’ve served as an Alternate Director for the past 18 months.

I’ve worked since 2011 to establish The Spaatz Association web presence on LinkedIn to support professional networking and career building.  Association members who post their resumes on LinkedIn are now easily able to identify themselves by joining a Spaatz Members-Only Group and proudly display the Association’s 3-diamond logo on the bottom of their electronic resume.

I have also been assisting in the development of a new Association Mentoring Program, leveraging some of the online mentoring approaches used by my employer.  Initial mentoring initiatives I’ve worked with so far include 1) helping cadets earn the Spaatz award, and 2) helping those interested in becoming a pilot.  I’ve also helped design, promote, and analyze input from mentoring surveys to build a repository of advice online.

I’m currently employed as a Program Director for Marketing Strategy at IBM and based in Research Triangle Park, NC.  I received his Spaatz Award as part of Michigan Wing and was also a National Cadet of the Year recipient.  As a cadet, I attended the USAF Academy Survival Course, National Cadet Officer School, National Cadet Competition, and IACE – Switzerland (together with board member Austyn Granville Jr.).  I hold a B.S.E. from the University of Michigan and an M.B.A. and M.A from Duke University.

CAP helped me to develop self confidence, leadership skills and self discipline. I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue to give back to the organization that gave me so much.  If I am elected, I would like to continue to develop the web presence for the Association on LinkedIn, expand the mentoring program onto YouTube, increase the depth and breadth of the online mentoring offerings, and help the organization in other ways where my skills are a fit with organizational needs.


Nomination for Bob Mattes (Spaatz #445)  — nomination by Mike Hower (Spaatz # 895, National Secretary)

I nominate Bob Mattes to continue as a Director on the TSA Board of Directors.

Bob has served as TSA’s Scholarships Chair since the inception of the Aerospace Leadership Scholarships program.  He has been a meticulous steward for the funds entrusted to his supervision as well as for the careful selection of only the very best of our annual scholarship applicants. The Aerospace Leadership Scholarship programs is a signature TSA program that consistently adds value to the CAP Cadet program.  To date, it has awarded over $100,000 to worthy cadets with the dream of flight.

Bob sets a working example for our Board.  He is actively engaged in Board affairs and does not hesitate to contribute his suggestions and active support.  All of these characteristics help to strengthen our decision making processes and move our organization forward.  He is not content to simply hold a title and offer occasional observations; he aggressively moves forward to proactively engage in managing his assigned and delegated projects to the benefit of the organization.


Nomination for Antonio Barroso (Spaatz #1437) — nomination by Jason Secrest (Spaatz #1409)

I would like to highly recommend Antonio J Barroso to the TSA board, he is a highly active member dedicated to cadet programs. Currently Antonio is an Army Captain and Florida Army National Guard member that has been serving on active duty for the last 7 years; he currently serves in a homeland defense capacity in the National Capitol Region.

As a CAP member, he is a former Group Commander of Florida Wing’s Group 6, he has been an instructor for COS and HMRS as well as an escort for CLA and IACE. He has earned his Gill Rob Wilson, Master Rating in Cadet Programs and continues to support and execute activities where ever he finds himself. In his spare time he supports his local CAP squadron where he is stationed and also supports numerous local wing activities.

As an Army Officer, he has served as an Anti-Armor Infantry Company Commander and an Air Defense Battery (Avenger) Commander; to include 4 years overseas in both combat and diplomatic capacities.  Antonio is a proud husband and father of 2 and has his home in Miami, Fl.

Antonio has wanted to do more with the TSA and now that he will be in D.C. for an extended time, he would be best suited to fill this role and support our activities and initiatives. He would be a first time board member and would bring new energy and ideas to the team. He has a lifetime membership to the TSA. Other affiliations include the Combat Infantryman’s Association (CIA), the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) and the Air Force Association (AFA).


Self-Nomination for Amanda Folberg (Spaatz #1812) 

My name is Amanda Folberg, and I received my Spaatz Award in the fall of 2011.  Since then, I have been active in helping the Association manage its administrative portfolio.  In 2011, I organized the database of Spaatzen to ensure contacting members was more efficient.  In 2012, I revised the membership program materials used by the Secretary to support new and renewing members.   These materials are being used in 2013 to reengage all Spaatzen–past, present, and future–to rebuild interest in the program.  This year (2013), I assumed responsibility for the Affinity Merchandise Program (coins, lapel pins, etc.) and worked with a new vendor to fulfill over 6 months worth of back orders.

If elected to the Board, I would like to work on a social initiative linking members of the Spaatz Association with projects they care about.  This would involve using social media tools already in place to connect Spaatzen with each other and help them provide each other the resources to complete their projects.  As part of the working board, I would actively support the growth of the Association, to ensure interested Spaatzen around the world have the opportunity to get involved.

(Secretary’s Note:  Ms. Folberg has supported Association programs from 2011-2013 as a volunteer, not as an elected member of the Board.)


Self-Nomination for Austyn Granville, Jr. (Spaatz #579)   

I am seeking another term as a member of the Board of Directors for The Spaatz Association.

I have served on the Board with passion and enthusiasm for several years, and I would like to continue to do so.  My driving goals are to continue with our evolving Mentorship Initiative, which I have been involved with since its inception; to spread the word about the purposes and missions of the Association at gatherings, both in Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and with outside organizations; and to reconnect other Spaatzen with the CAP.

I have been a longstanding member of the Civil Air Patrol (since 1975), earning both my Spaatz Award in 1981 and my Gil Robb Wilson Award for Senior Professional Development in 1986.  I have served at all levels of the organization as a Squadron Commander, Group Commander, Wing Commander, and Region Vice Commander.

In the Cadet Program, I have served as an Activity Director for National Blue Beret (NBB) as well as various Encampment Command and Staff positions. I also proudly serve as a Spaatz Examination Test Administrator for our CAP Cadets . In my civilian capacity, I am a IT Consultant with specialization in Data Center Design and Operations Management. I am also a licensed Life & Health Insurance agent. My experiences, background, and enthusiasm will continue to bring positive input and action to and for the TSA.

Thank you for your continued support.


Self-Nomination for Jeff Mueller (Spaatz #1406)

I would like to nominate myself to serve another term on the Board of Directors of The Spaatz Association.

If re-elected, I would like to continue working the Spaatz Google E-Mail initiative, and support any other technical solutions that may help the Association run more efficiently.  Additionally, I would like to re-engage on Regional gatherings and mentoring of all CAP cadets and seniors.  I feel that the Association has a great wealth of knowledge, and its members can provide a great service to CAP.

TSA members should be leaders in the Cadet Program, and I would work on initiatives to engage us to develop products that can be shared with all CAP members to make a more effective Cadet Program. These products could be best practices, helpful hints, or documents that have helped create a successful program in the past, as well ensuring cadets are prepared for taking the Spaatz exam. In my CAP squadron, I am currently mentoring two cadets who are preparing to take the exam. By engaging them, I can ensure they are as prepared as possible. I would like to work with the Board to create a study guide or helpful hints.

Thank you for your consideration.

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