Spaatz Award Ceremony Script Now Available

Since 1964, the CAP Cadet Program has served as a successful blueprint for the development of generations of Aerospace Leaders.

The history and heritage of the Cadet Program is rich with tradition. In its earliest iteration, a special awards ceremony for the presentation of each Cadet Program achievement (Phases I and II) and the two benchmark awards (Mitchell and Earhart Awards) was prescribed. The original CAPM 50-3, The Leadership Laboratory Manual, described these award ceremonies in exacting detail.

In addition to a ceremonial formation, the prescribed guidance included the reading of a citation consisting of a standard prelude, an interlude, a eulogy, and a benediction. Each reading was themed to the aviation leader memorialized by the award to be presented.

For years, members of The Spaatz Association noted that there was not a similar citation to accompany the General Carl A. Spaatz Award. Perhaps this omission was due to the fact that the Spaatz Award was not typically awarded at unit level.

Nevertheless, this omission presented an opportunity to build on an enduring tradition through the development of an appropriate citation and guidelines for the presentation of the General Carl A. Spaatz Award.

To bring this tradition to life, Brig. Gen. Richard L. Anderson, CAP (Spaatz award # 193) prepared a citation for use at future Spaatz award ceremonies. The language and structure is based on his careful study of the original Cadet Program citations, and endorsed for use with the CAP Cadet Program by General Spaatz’s family.

The Spaatz Association is proud to make these guidelines available here on its website.  Cadets and Cadet Program Leaders are encouraged to use these guidelines when they recognize new Spaatz cadets.

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