Newest Spaatz Award Recipients

The Spaatz Association is pleased to announce the most recent Spaatz Award recipients from National Headquarters/Cadet Programs!

1944 Patrick Arnold 17-May-14 OK 074
1945 David A. Eudy 28-May-14 SC 096
1946 Mark A. Eudy 28-May-14 SC 096
1947 Abagail C. Dickerson 26-May-14 TN 189
1948 James I. Stevens 24-May-14 TX 142
1949 Ethan J. Dunlap 20-May-14 PA 010
1950 Anthony R. Cummins 11-Jun-14 CA 034
1951 Joshua D. Lewis 11-Jun-14 FL 447
1952 Adam M. Hocutt 14-Jun-14 CT 004
1953 Rachael L. Bailey 14-Jun-14 NC 022
1954 Joshua D. Waters 14-Jun-14 NC 301
1955 Robert Li 17-Jun-14 SC 020
1956 Benjamin Parmer 19-Jun-14 AR 115
1957 Nathan C. Shinabarger 14-Jun-14 IN 220
1958 Benjamin Shea 8-Jun-14 AL 090
1959 Jared J. Mohler 19-Jun-14 OH 139
1960 John T. Rowan 8-Jun-14 MD 007
1961 Korbin T. Niehaus 27-Jun-14 TN 185
1962 Evan C. Unruh 14-Jul-14 WA 080
1963 Matthew C. Skelton 14-Jul-14 WA 050
1964 Jason S. Reed 16-Jul-14 IN 126

New Spaatz Award recipients receive a free year of membership in The Spaatz Association, and are eligible to participate in all Spaatz Alumni events and elections, as well as serve on the Association Board as Directors or Officers.

(If you have pictures or newsletter articles from any Spaatz presentation, please send them to us at for posting on our website.)

For more information on membership in The Spaatz Association, visit our Membership section page.

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