Only Two Weeks Left to Self Nominate


There are only two weeks left to self-nominate for the 2015-2017 Board of Directors!  This year, we are filling 7 seats:

  • Vice President – held by Janon D. Ellis
  • Treasurer – held by Bruce Krell
  • Director Seat # 1 – held by Austyn W. Granville
  • Director Seat # 3 – held by Sandie D. Aurich
  • Director Seat # 5 – held by Alan Dickinson
  • Director Seat # 7 – held by Robert J. Mattes
  • Director Seat # 9 – held by Antonio Barroso

In May 2014, the Board changed the requirements for self-nominations.  Effective for this election, TWO nominating documents are required:
2015 Elections Thumbnail

  • A resume evidencing your qualifications to serve as a Board Member. Note this is NOT a CAP resume; rather it is an opportunity to present your background and qualifications to serve in the capacity of Officer or Director in a fraternal, non-profit organization with financial assets in excess of $250,000.
  • A brief statement reflecting your vision for the Association, the goals you will pursue during your term, and how you will actively pursue those goals as part of our Working Board.

Both items listed above should be separate documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.

Deadline for self-nominations 15 July 2015.

(Click to download our elections flyer, or visit our Elections Page for more information.)

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