2021 Midwinter Dinner Planning Committee

The Spaatz Association Board of Directors is currently seeking interested members to help with the 2021 Mid-Winter Dinner planning. We will be assembling a committee to help plan and fundraise for the dinner to ensure the fundraising aspect of the event is a success! You do not need to be an active member of the TSA to help out with this project. Any Spaatz recipient of CAP member with relevant experience is welcome to join the committee.
If you are interested, reach out to Matt Chirik (matt.chirik@spaatz.org / 267-897-0879) for more information. We plan to start meeting in August as a committee so don’t delay in reaching out!
Matthew J. Chirik

Board of Directors
CAP National Headquarters Liaison
The Spaatz Association, Inc
(C) 267-897-0879

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