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Coming Fall 2016, you will be able to target your giving for a specific Leadership Grant or Scholarship.

Watch this page for more information.


In the meantime…

Give to The Spaatz Association General Fund

Would you like to support a future Aerospace Leadership Scholarship?

The Aerospace Leadership Scholarship is completely funded by donations from members and friends of The Spaatz Association.  To date, we have given over $140,000 to deserving leaders to pursue the dream of flight.

The Association gives three different types of scholarships:  Endowed, Sponsored, or Named.

  • An endowed scholarship is named for a donor who has made a significant contribution to the Association. A scholarship endowment is designed to either fund a scholarship in perpetuity (as is the case with the Morse Endowment) or for an extended number of years (10+ years) by drawing down principal.
  • A sponsored scholarship is named for a donor who makes made a recurring, annual scholarship contribution (such as the General Carl A. Spaatz scholarship graciously donated each year since 2003 by Ms. Carla Spaatz-Thomas, and the Bergman scholarships donated by Mr. Brian Campbell in 2012 through 2016).
  • A named scholarship is named in honor of an individual (typically deceased), or for a donor who makes a single (one-time) scholarship contribution (such as the Joel Hocker scholarship in 2012).

If you would like to contribute to our scholarship program, click here for more information.  You may also contribute online or obtain information on endowments and bequests from our Donation Center.

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