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If you’ve received the Spaatz Award, or the 1950’s era Cadet Certificate of Proficiency, you are eligible!

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Award recipients who make a membership donation are entitled to participate in Association activities and elections, enjoy Spaatz Association donor-only benefits, and even become Association leaders through our annual election process.

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Annual and Lifetime Membership

Annual and Life Membership is open to all Spaatz Award and Certificate of Proficiency recipients.  Once you have registered for your account, you can make or renew your membership donation from within your account.

Membership Type Recommended Donation  Learn more >>
Annual Membership $20.00 Join or Renew Today on your Manage My Membership page
Life Membership $400.00 Become a Life Member Now via PayPal

New Spaatzen Membership

To congratulate you on your achievement, The Association waives the standard membership donation for the first year for all new Spaatz Award recipients.  To activate your free membership, contact us within 365-days of earning your award.

Membership Type Recommended Donation  Learn more >>
New Spaatzen Membership Free, if registered within 365 days of earning your Spaatz Award Contact Us

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