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Would you like to support a future Aerospace Leadership Scholarship or Grant?

Spaatz Association scholarships and grants are completely funded by donations from members and friends of The Spaatz Association.  To date, we have given over $200,000 to deserving leaders, units, and special programs who support our goals.

The Association gives three different types of scholarships and grants:  Endowed, Sponsored, or Named.

  • An endowed scholarship or grant is named for a donor who has made a significant contribution to the Association. A scholarship endowment is designed to either fund a scholarship in perpetuity (as is the case with the Morse Endowment for our flight scholarship program) or for an extended number of years (10+ years) by drawing down principal.
  • A sponsored scholarship or grant is named for a donor who makes made a recurring, annual scholarship contribution (such as the General Carl A. Spaatz scholarship graciously donated each year since 2003 by Ms. Carla Spaatz-Thomas, and the Bergman scholarships donated by Mr. Brian Campbell from 2012 through 2016).
  • A named scholarship or grant is named in honor of an individual (typically deceased), or for a donor who makes a single (one-time) scholarship contribution (such as the Joel Hocker scholarship in 2012).

If you would like to contribute to our scholarship or grant program, you can make a general donation to The Spaatz Fund.  If you would like to make a named, sponsored, or endowed gift, please contact us.

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