The General Carl A. Spaatz Award

The General Carl A. Spaatz Award is Civil Air Patrol’s highest cadet honor.  It is presented to cadets who have demonstrated excellence in leadership, character, fitness, and aerospace education.

Cadets qualify for this prestigious award after devoting an average of five years to progress through sixteen achievements in the CAP Cadet Program.  Along the way, they develop self-discipline, a strong sense of personal responsibility, the ability to lead and persuade, and the foundations necessary for pursuing a career in aviation, space, or technology.

About the Spaatz Award

Learn the history of the Spaatz Award and its namesake, General Carl A. Spaatz

Award Requirements

The four-part Spaatz Exam tests a cadet’s knowledge, leadership, and fitness

Taking the Spaatz Exam

The Journey to Spaatz project provides tips to prepare you for the Spaatz exam

Administering the Exam

If you are an exam administrator, look here for guidance and tips

Presentation Guidelines

Presenting an award?  Check out the Spaatz’ family approved presentation guidelines. award templates, and ceremony support materials.

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