Torch Award

You didn’t do this by yourself!


At the 2024 Winter Gala, The Spaatz Association introduced a Torch Award for Spaatz recipients to recognize the mentor(s) that had the most impact on them. The cadet may present these during their Spaatz ceremony.
This provides:
  1. Recognition of mentors
  2. Recognition that the cadet did not get there on their own
  3. Reinforce to other cadets that this is not solely an individual accomplishment
Award elements:
  1. PDF certificate signed by the recipient, downloadable for no cost.  You may also have one prefilled out and emailed to you.
  2. Special coin sold by the TSA with the image of Gen Spaatz on one side and a torch on the other side that includes a torch, the words “The Spaatz Association” and “Torch Award”, the TSA diamonds, and the cadet’s Spaatz number engraved. These are only available with the Spaatz ID number engraved on them.  Special Antique Bronze rather than the traditional Silver or Gold.
  3. A place on the TSA award list that lists Torch recipients.
This is to encourage cadets to recognize they did not get to this point on their own. This doesn’t take away from the recognition of their accomplishments but brings others into the light of recognition.
These coins are only available at The Spaatz Association Diamond Shop