Cadet Certificate of Proficiency

Recognizing the forerunners of today’s cadet program…

In August 2007 the Board of Directors and membership of The Spaatz Association approved the creation of a new class of membership–the COP Membership.   This membership category is in recognition of, and limited to, former CAP Cadets who completed the early CAP Cadet Program and earned its capstone award–the Cadet Certificate of Proficiency.

According to CAP historical documents, the COP was established in December of 1954 with an award ribbon authorized in August of 1956.  In June of 1957, CAPM 50-2 further defined that the 3rd bronze clasp for the COP Ribbon indicated satisfactory completion of achievement nine of Phase III in the cadet training program.  This represented the capstone Cadet Program award then in effect. Click here for more information on the award.

The COP was rescinded in March of 1964 with the introduction of the modern day cadet program and the General Carl A. Spaatz Award and Colonel Frank Borman Falcon Award as its capstone achievements.

COP Membership is a non-voting membership category.  COP Members may participate in all Association meetings and events, but may not vote nor run for elective office.

How to Join

To join The Spaatz Association as a COP Member, see the Membership page.

View the Current COP Master List

Go to the COP Master Recipient List.

Help us Build the COP Master List

The COP Master List is an ongoing project.  More than 36,000 awards were earned, but we’ve been told that most records were lost in a fire at CAP National Headquarters.  We are attempting to rebuild the list from historical records and member reports.

To get on the list, simply contact us, and we will add you during the next update.


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  1. William Breeze - Nov 04, 2012

    Correction to the date of my COP. It would have been in December. It was presented at the Squadron Christmas Party. The third clasp to the CAP for finishing Achievement 9 was in June 1950.

  2. Roger N.Thomas - Jul 01, 2013

    Bill has been a major player in FLWG and was a senior at my first cadet encampment.

  3. Mike Murphy - Jul 11, 2013

    Where is the COP list you compiled? Want to check if my Squadron CO WIWAC is on the list.

    Thanks – Mike “Pops” Murphy

  4. Steven A. Hopper, Lt Col CAP, Deputy Commander/Cadets, NER-PA-010 - Jan 16, 2016

    I received my COP on 30 JAN 1963. My cadet serial number was C21-34999. The unit was the Orangeburg Cadet Squadron, then located in Nanuet, NY.

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