Certificate of Proficiency Recipients

Thanks to Lt Col Mark Hess, the director of the TeamCAP history site, we now have a much expanded record of Cadet Certificate of Proficiency recipients.  While no master list exists, Lt Col Hess believes over 36,000 cadets earned the award from 1949 through 1963.  We have identified only 1200 recipients so far.

If you earned a Certificate of Proficiency, or if you know someone who did, please help us expand this list. Submit names and dates via our contact form.

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  1. Charlotte Payne Wright - Feb 19, 2012

    I earned the Cadet Certificate of Proficiency.
    Charlotte Elizabeth Payne, 1958, Colorado Wing.

    My sister also earned the Cadet Certificaate of Proficiency.
    Catharine Louise Payne, 1958, Colorado Wing.
    My sister died in 2000.

    We earned the COP as members of Denver Squadron 12, we met at East Denver High School. At that time, Denver Squadron 12 was in Group 1, Colorado Wing. At some point after I earned the COP, I transferred to Denver Squadron 13, also Group 1, Colorado Wing.

    I will have to do some mind searching to see if I can come up with others who earned the COP Award who were members between 1956-1961 when I was a cadet.

  2. RICHARD J. CURRAN - Apr 08, 2012

    JUNE 1957

  3. Phil Saleet - Jun 06, 2012

    Lt. Col. Philip C. Saleet, CAP

    COP 1962

    Maryland Wing

    Currently Historian , North Carolina Wing

    • Mike Hower - Jun 07, 2012

      Thanks, Phil. I’ve updated our master chart.


      • Steven Featherkile - Jun 11, 2012

        Steven Featherkile, Wenatchee Composite Squadron, Washington Wing, 1964
        Steven Druzak, Wenatchee Composite Squadron, Washington Wing, 1964
        Thomas Green, Wenatchee Composite Squadron, Washington Wing, 1962.

        There are others, but after all these years, memory dims.

        Steve Featherkile, Deer Park, WA

      • Roger N. Thomas - Jun 12, 2012

        LTC Roger N. Thomas CAP
        currently FLWG Historian
        My cadet COP is dated 23rd January 1964 while I was in FLWG, Sector 3, Group23 Arlington Cadet Sqdn Jacksonville FL Cadet commander
        Other FLWG COPs that I remember off the top of my head: ( regret I do not know the exact dates)
        Prior to me
        LTC Fred Swearingen CAP Presently living near Gainsville FL I will email him.
        Mr. Sammy DePerna no longer associated with CAP last known living in Jacksonville, school teacher if not retired.
        Mr? Mark Haffey location unknown relocated to Canada Vietnam era
        Duane P. Andrews
        J. A. Bullington
        Allen D. Hathaway
        William R. Mayo
        Craig T. Palmer
        Jack J Kabat
        Janice R. Felder
        Melvin J. Bulman
        Jerry L Frye
        George F Johnson
        Stephen A Senderling
        James J Banim
        Ronald P Mendoza
        Robert V Romani
        Jacquie L Bond
        Bruce A Garey
        John e Russo
        William F. “Tony” Buholtz KIA Army pilot Vietnam
        Edgar M Willard
        Nancy F Greenmore
        Linda M Thiebodeau
        Richard J Parkman
        Robert D. Baird
        Robert Arich
        Jay T Spencer
        John L Rollinson
        Clarence H Stephenson
        David T Snyder
        Lloyd Duncan
        Diane Dameron
        Mary Felter
        Kathy Samples
        Frieda James
        Brian ? Cogsgrove (can not remember his first name for sure)
        AFTER me possibly the last ever awarded:
        Kevin Frye KIA Vietnam Army helo pilot
        Appreciate your taking this on. Some how I missed the announcement.

  4. Steven Featherkile - Jun 11, 2012

    Well, if the COP died in 1964, then Steven (Stephen?) Druzak and I earned it in 1962. We had maxed out in that sort of thing for two years before the new program came into being. Steve and I became the first in Washington to earn the new Spaatz award, too, numbers 98 and 99, nationally, as I recall.

    • Mike Hower - Jun 17, 2012


      What an awesome list! Thanks for taking the time to add this to our master database. I’ll post the updates when we do the next release around 1 July.


  5. Carl E. Hultin - Jul 10, 2012

    Carl E Hultin Cap 52-2817 24 June 1957 Indiana Wing

    • Mike Hower - Jul 10, 2012


      Thanks for the update. I’ll get this on the next master list revision (which I’m now overdue on….)


      • Eric D. Olson - Sep 01, 2012

        I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to these kinds of lists, so bear with me. I earned my COP with the Central Miami Cadet Squadron, probably in 1963 after my first encampment at Eglin AFB.

        One correction that I note in the “master” list. William F. “Tony” Buholtz is NOT a correct listing. Tony Buholtz and his brothers, William “Bill” Buholtz and (I think) Chris Buholtz were all members of Central Miami Cadet Squadron in the early 1960’s. Tony became an Army aviator-helo pilot and he was killed in action in Vietnam on Mar. 22, 1969, flying an OH-6 Loach. As far as I know, Bill Buholtz is still alive and well, living in the Orlando metro area. I have no information on Chris Buholtz. Their parents, Clayton and Katherine Buholtz, were CAP senior members and, I believe, their father ultimately became the adult squadron leader of CMC squadron.

        Incidentally, Fred Swearingen has relocated and is also living in the Orlando/Kissimmee metro area as of September 2012.

        Eric D. Olson
        Plantation, Florida
        Sept. 1, 2012

        • Mike Hower - Sep 01, 2012


          Thanks for the update. I will revise the master list with your new info!


      • Eric D. Olson - Sep 03, 2012

        Hello, Mike. I finally remembered Tony Buholtz’s youngest brother’s name; it’s Ben, not Chris. Also, Tony’s full name was Tony Lee Buholtz. He was an aeroscout pilot with Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 9th Calvary (A/1/9) when he was killed. If you go to YouTube.com and search using the term, “Fallen Apache Troop Warriors Memorial,” you will find a very nice 10 minute video done for one of their reunions that has information and photos of Tony.

        Eric D. Olson

      • Hugh Sloan III - Dec 15, 2012

        Please add to COP list:
        Cadet Hugh J. Sloan III
        SN C51-5198
        COP 29 December 1958, signed Walter R Agee,
        In 1958 I was in Composite Squadron 201, Group II, Ohio Wing, Portsmouth Ohio, and a HS junior.
        In a discussion with Gen Bobick around 2000 I heard that ‘our era’ records were in a fire at NHQ some years ago and were unsalvagable. He was a COP recipient, as well. That info was a stunner.
        But I have mine framed and hanging. 🙂
        Now a CAP LtCol (USAF MSgt/Major – ret) in the MSWG, I still enjoy CAP!.

  6. Carl E. Hultin - Jul 10, 2012

    Looking at some old records from summer encampment from BAKALAR AIR BASE, Columbus Indiana, dated June 26th 1956 it shows the following passed their proficiency test.
    Anderson, Wendell
    Bryes, Patricia
    Concannon, Michael
    Broviak, Ronald
    Burrell, Kenneth
    Cashman, Michael
    Brown, C
    Ceber, Robert
    Neale, Ronald
    Ross, William
    Frush, Barbara
    Swalek, Robert
    Loetserich, Alan
    Setters, Norman
    Imbody, Donald
    Schwarts, Patsy
    Henschen Ralph
    Sheehan, Dennis
    Phillips, Gerald
    Feingold, Robert
    Linderachmidt, Carol
    Hultin, Carl
    Parrish, Mary
    Jackson, Ed
    Hamm, Harold
    Henson, Richard
    Robey, Roland
    Keeny, Dave
    Drost, Daniel
    Dudly, Richard
    Stodola, Pat
    Hoyer, Donalld
    Hinderliter, Gary
    Cobar, robert
    Lawhead, Gilbert

    I currently serve as the Deputy Director of Communications for Alabama, Also as the Wing message center, I am the hf net manager for the Southeast Region, and the Southeast Region Message Center, I also am one the National ALE Stations. I have my master in communications.

  7. Donald Imbody - Jul 11, 2012

    Yesterday, 10 July, Carl Hultin submitted a list of COP recipients from June, 1956. The COP examination was administered at Bakalar AFB, Columbus, IN.
    I was one of the group that passed the test that day.
    I am currently the Assistant Director of Communications for Georgia Wing. I am also the Georgia Wing Communications Training Officer. I operate the Georgia Wing Communications Center at Winder, GA., tactical call sign “Winder Comm”.

    Capt Donald Imbody, CAP

  8. Donald Imbody - Jul 17, 2012

    Gary Duesel (pronounced “Diesel”) passed his COP exam on 24 June, 1957 at the summer encampment. We were Cadets in the Ft. Wayne, IN squadron at the time. Our meetings were held in a WWII building, Bldg 106, at Baer Field. Three months later Gary and I joined the US Air Force.

  9. Dave Halperin - Jul 17, 2012

    I earned the COP in 1962 as a member of IL Wing. Now a member of NE wing

  10. Edwin A. Keeney - Aug 22, 2012

    I earned my COP in June, 1962 as a member of the Georgia Wing. I am now a Senior LtCol with the Washington Wing.

  11. William Breeze - Sep 10, 2012

    Correction I checked and both the COP and the 9th achievment were dated in Jun The COP in June 1948 and the 9th achievement in June 1951

  12. Mike Hower - Nov 04, 2012

    Received via email 3 Nov 2012:

    Please add following names to your COP list:

    Richard R. Mitchell, Aug 1956, FL
    Ernest L. Lewis, Aug 1957, FL
    John McLaughlin, Aug 1957, FL
    Walter Pleasants, Aug 1957, FL


    That’s NAVY ‘signal talk’ for WELL DONE! Thank you for your efforts to credit those of us who were Cadets in the “Old Patrol.”

    We four were active members in Pinellas Cadet Squadron in St Petersburg, FL, and credit CAPC for our first real “hands on” leadership training.

    I joined the Cadets in Oct 1954. Got my first airplane ride on a venerable old L-16. Went on to be Cadet Commander. John followed me as CdtCC when I left to enter US Naval Academy. Then Richard took over when John left. Walter had enlisted in USAF.

    CAPC started me on route to becoming a Naval Aviator & aeronautical engineer.

    After grad from US Naval Academy, I re-joined CAP as a senior during preflight training, then became an attack carrier pilot flying A-4 “Skyhawk” during Vietnam, & later the A-7 “Corsair.” I remained active (as duty allowed) in CAP throughout 34 years in Navy. I retired from last command in Jul 92 & was appointed Florida Wing CC in Aug 92. Still active.

    Richard joined Army, was a pioneer in helo gunships in the Vietnam war & was first active duty AH-1 “Cobra” Instructor Pilot.

    Walter later was commissioned in National Guard & John became a clergyman. Richard & Walt also remained active in CAP for many years “giving back” to the Cadet program.

    Glad to discover we may affiliate was your fine Association & I will do so.

    Best regards

    Ern Lewis, Captain,USN (Ret.)

  13. Mike Hower - Nov 04, 2012

    Master COP list updated on 4 Nov 12! Please post future updates as comments on this page, or contact us directly using the links at the bottom of the page.



    Mike Hower, #895
    National Secretary

  14. Carl A. Lindberg - Jul 02, 2013

    I would like to complete the information about my COP as currently listed. When I received my COP in 1960, I was a member of the McClellan AFB Composite Squadron. Back then, the squadron was co-located with the NORCAL Group HQ offices on the base in North Highlands, CA. I had also earlier belonged to the Travis AFB Composite Sqdn. before my USAF Dad was transferred up to McClellan AFB. Before and after my active duty in the USAF, I served as a senior member in the Santa Rosa Compsite Sqdn, Santa Rosa, CA, and on the Nebraska Wing Staff.
    I’m currently serving as the Aerospace Education Officer in the Northshore Composite Squadron in the Washington Wing and enjoying every minute!

  15. Ted Tanory - Jul 04, 2013


    Thank you for undertaking this monumental task. Are you really sure you know what you got yourself into? I would be honored to be added to your list.
    My COP was dated in November 1957. At that time I was a member of Portland Squadron #2, Oregon Wing.
    I continued my military career as a 34 year member of the Oregon Air National Guard. I rejoined CAP after my civilian retirement in 2002 and I continue to serve today as the Oregon Wing Vice Commander.

    Theodore C. (Ted) Tanory, LtCol, CAP

  16. Patricia Slice - Aug 03, 2013

    I earned my COP in early 1962 when I belonged to the O’Hare Composite Squadron, Chicago, IL. Name back then was “Patricia L. Braley”. Stayed in CAP until moving to Arkansas in 2004. Served in Minnesota as a Squadron Commander, Group Commander, and Director of Cadet Programs. I loved my time in CAP. Many, many friends. Nice to see that the COP is getting some recognition.

  17. Harvey Sandal - Aug 05, 2013

    Earned #2 COP in DELAWARE Wing in June 1955-entered USAF in October 1955 and finally retired from USAF in Feb 1984, after approx 29 years. . Currently living with family in Austin, Texas.

  18. Thomas S Vreeland - Aug 11, 2013

    I earned the Certificate of Proficiency with three clasps in the early 1960’s in NY Wing before going on to earn Spaatz Award #27 and Falcon Award #6.

    • Thomas S Vreeland - Aug 11, 2013

      This was in Yonkers Composite Squadron in Yonkers, NY.

      • Lt. Col. Howard Gelbman - Nov 09, 2013

        Thomas Vreeland,
        I was a cadet in the Yonkers Squadron in 1946 my serial number was
        I am a 67 year lifetime member of CAP.
        Lt Col. Howard Gelbman
        Key Largo Florida

  19. Harvey Sandal - Sep 27, 2013

    FYI, just found a picture from Wilmington, Delaware newspaper dated Oct 6, 1955 with Delaware COP #1 (Albie Okoniewski) shaking hands with Delaware COP #2 (me).

  20. Lt. Col. Howard Gelbman - Nov 09, 2013

    Not mentioned, but CAP Seniors also were awarded the COP under the same testing procedure as the cadets.Here is two I have the award documentation for.
    Cadet, James E. Coleman 1 Nov. 1960 Miami Springs Cadet Squadron, Miami Florida. Killed in an Air Force plane crash as a pilot.
    Senior, 1st Lt. Howard Gelbman 1 Nov. 1960 CC Miami Springs Cadet Squadron.

  21. Dr. Allen Kem Fronabarger - Nov 12, 2013

    I received my Certificate of Proficiency on 13 July, 1964 while a member of the Kansas City Squadron. My COP is awarded to Cadet Allen K. Fronabarger, C73-6553 and is signed by Paul Chatsworth, National Commander, Civil Air Patrol and Curtis E. Le May, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force. Note that while the date of award is after the institution of the new awards program, the paperwork was submitted but not processed until July of 1964.

  22. Eric D. Olson - Nov 12, 2013

    In response to Howard Gelbman’s comments regarding the Miami Springs Cadet Squadron, Miami, Florida. I joined the CAP in 1962 with the Central Miami Cadet Squadron (CMCS) which met at the Eastern Airlines offices on NW 36th Street in Miami Springs. I never heard of a Miami Springs Cadet Squadron, but for all I know that could have been the predecessor name for the CMCS. I didn’t know a James Coleman, however, when I joined CMCS in 1962 the cadet commander was a fellow named Tom Brady and the cadet executive officer was Richard “Dick” Leali. Brady joined the USAF and did become a pilot. Dick Leali told me back about 1984 that Brady had been killed in a plane crash while flying a C-123 in the USAF reserves after his active duty service. His comment to me was that it was ironic that Brady got through Vietnam service as a fighter pilot only to die flying a C-123 in the states. Dick didn’t have any details such as date or place of the crash (at least I don’t remember him stating any details). Leali subsequently passed away from pancreatic cancer sometime in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. Both guys were fantastic people and were great inspirations to me as a young cadet in the 1960’s. By the way, I think I earned my COP in 1963 or early 1964. Got to go to Peru in 1965 as part of the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) and still stay in touch with some friends I met while in Peru at that time.

  23. James W. Winney - Nov 13, 2013

    James W. Winney, Lincoln Composite Squadron, Nebraska Wing, Received COP in 1960 and went on IACE in 1961. Obtained level 9 (3 bronze clasp to the COP ribbon).

  24. George Otto - Jan 14, 2014

    My COP is dated 9 November 1959,,,,,,,,CAP ID c81-7203………Beaumont Composite Squadron, Beaumont, Texas.
    I currently serve as Squadron Commander of TX442, Kerrville Composite Squadron.

  25. Richard F. Himebrook - Jan 15, 2014

    From: Richard F. Himebrook,
    I want to thank whoever included my name (it may have been my son, who gave my name when the Spaatz Asso. was started) — however some information is blank. Here is all the information: Wing, NM; Name, Himebrook, Richard F.; City/State: Albuquerque, NM; Unit, Albuquerque Composite Sq 1, Date 8 October 1958.
    Since receiving my CP my journey has included: being cadet squadron commander; becoming an AF Officer (now retired) who lost his membership while serving in Viet Nam; rejoined during my final AF assignment; became a Squadron Commander, served in several Wing positions, was Wing Commander. Last Thursday I gave a presentation to cadets on weather and will be participating in a SAREx this Saturday.

    • TSA Webmaster - Jan 15, 2014


      Thanks for the update. I’ve added your information to our master list, and it will be updated on the website in our next quarterly update.


  26. John Ulmer - Jun 07, 2014

    I was a member of the New Oleans Cadet Squadron from October 1953 until mid 1956. I earned the Certificate of Proficiency in the Spring/Summer of 1955. The CAP was a very formative influence in my early life. It got me interested in things military. As a result, I graduated from West Point in 1962. I fully intended to be a career officer, but a parachute accident in 1963 left me with a medical profile, a career ender for an infantry officer.

  27. George Otto - Jun 29, 2014

    I have attempted in the past to get my info added to your list of Certificate of Proficiency holders but have not been successful, Perhaps someone can advise me of what steps I need to take. I was a member of Beaumont Composite Squadron from 1957 to 1962. My COP is dated 9 November 1959. My CAP cadet ID number was C81-7203. MY current CAP ID number is 131146.

    • Mike Hower - Jun 29, 2014


      Thanks for your update. We received your initial request back in January and entered it into our master database. Unfortunately, with your January update, you just missed our semi-annual update, so your change has been in our production queue since then. We were on track to update the master listing over the 4th of July holiday weekend, but I went ahead and did it this evening. Your name is now listed under TX wing, along with about a dozen other changes from member reported data.

      Thanks for your support.


  28. Patricia Slice - Jun 29, 2014

    I sent my info last year, but to date doesn’t show up in database. Just wondering what’s going on. – My COP got lost in the move from MN to AR. Earned my COP at O’Hare Composite Sqdn, Chicago, IL just before I joined the Navy in 1962.

    • Patricia Slice - Jun 29, 2014

      BTW my COP was signed by Gen. Curtis LeMay. So whenever he was signing them….. – Thanks, Pat

    • Mike Hower - Jun 30, 2014

      Thanks for the update. I’m not sure what happened with your data from last year, but I’ve added it to the master list. If I get an opportunity this weekend, I’ll push an early website update.

  29. Robert Martin - Jun 29, 2014

    I was awarded a COP in 1962 as a member of the William Tennent Cadet Squadron 9011, Pennsylvania Wing

    • Mike Hower - Jun 30, 2014

      Thanks! I’ve added you to the master list. If I get an opportunity this weekend, I’ll push an early website update.

  30. John Ulmer - Jun 30, 2014

    I was awarded a certificate of proficiency in 1955. At the time I was a member of the New Orleans Cadet Squadron. My CAP service number was 48-4069. Unfortunately, the original certificate has been lost in my many moves since that time 60 years ago.

    • Mike Hower - Jun 30, 2014

      Thanks! I’ve added you to the master list. If I get an opportunity this weekend, I’ll push an early website update.

  31. H Larry Elman - Jul 01, 2014


    I earned the COP in 1955 in New Jersey Wing. I initially was in Clifton Composite Squadron, rising to C/2/Lt and serving as Adjutant. I was transferred to another NJWg unit — the West New York Sqdn — in about November 1955. (My wife calls West New York, New Jersey “The town with an Identity Crisis”). I believe my COP would show against the first squadron (Clifton), but I do not at this late date have records to show that. In West New York Sqdn I rose to C/1/Lt and to Cadet Squadron Commander. NJWg had resisted appointing Cadet Officers for several years, and the Cadet who served as Cadet Wing Commander when ceremonies demanded that was only a C/Captain at that time, which made C/1/Lt a bit more significant than in other Wings.

    My presence on the COP list ought to be easy to verify. The CAP Cadet Scholarship Program was established in the Fall of 1955, with the first awards to be paid in the academic year which started in September 1956. Only holders of the COP could apply, and the first two awards were the largest that program ever provided anyone — 4 years full tuition at MIT. I was one of the two winners. Many of the other applicants subsequently received large grants from other sources, and when I entered MIT in Fall 1956, somewhere between 10 and 20 CAP Cadet COP holders who had been considered by the National Headquarters Selection Board were my classmates. We all kept in touch for a few years, but slowly drifted apart.

    I can identify three such COP Cadets —
    The Gill Robb Wilson Scholarship recipient was Larry Brock of Tennessee Wing. I was the William Woods Plankinton Scholarship recipient from NJWg. The New York Wing nominee, who attended MIT on a scholarship from another source was, I believe, Patricia Andre. I dated her a few times, and know she had both the COP and higher Cadet rank than I, and was from NYWg. A brilliant lady.

    Please note that in extra-curriculars, both Larry Brock and I were active in several ROTC organizations, and we were both Inducted into the National Society of Pershing Rifles, the only DoD-recognized ROTC Honor society of its time. (Both of us were in C-12 — a unit still in existence.) We both majored in Aeronautical Engineering. Larry Brock lives in the Boston area.

    In 1956 or 1957, CAP established Clusters on the COP Ribbon, with a maximum of three. I was the first person in NJWg to earn a Cluster; the first person to earn a Second Cluster; the first person to earn a Third Cluster; and the only person (at least in NJWg) to ever receive all three on one set of orders. I turned Senior around that time and served on Wing Staff when home from Boston.

    In 1958, I decided I wanted to “go Coop” — which meant taking an apprenticeship at an aircraft manufacturer for six months solid, but then having to do Summer School and overloads to graduate with my Class (Class of 1960). This required approval from the donor of the Scholarship money. I met with Colonel Plankinton and during the meal I told him I probably would never earn enough to provide another Cadet with the opportunity he had given me. His reply was that I should counsel and train Cadets in the hope that one or more of my students would earn similar awards from CAP over the years. I asked him how long I should do this. He replied, “You should do this until you can quit without having a guilty conscience.” I little realized then that these words would “sentence” me to over 25 years serving as an Aerospace Ed Instructor and also as a Commandant of Cadets (the title then in vogue).

    The apprenticeship was in Flight Test at Douglas Aircraft in California.

    I graduated MIT in 1960 and entered the Air Force. Eventually I had extensive careers in both the Air Force and in the Defense Industry. I am one of only two engineers in the United States who can claim hands-on responsibilities in the development and deployment of BOTH the A-10 Warthog and the AH-64 Apache. I retired from the Air Force as a full Colonel, my final assignment being on the Staff of the Secretary of the Air Force, serving as Deputy Division Chief in the International Research and Development Office.

    Just to sort of round off the list, I am also a published historian and served as Executive Vice-President of what, at that time, was the Nation’s fourth largest non-Governmental air museum. (We always mentioned “non-Governmental” because none of the air museums could compete with either the Smithsonian or the Air Force Museum!)

    My colleague, Dr Murray Berkowitz, (COP as a NYWg Cadet), has often urged me to join the Spaatz Association, but I have never gotten around to it.

    If I can provide additional information or “leads” just ask. Best ways to contact me are:
    FaceBook H Larry Elman
    email LBaldEagle@aol.com
    web sites DaveElmanHypnosisInstitute.com
    OR CraftsOnWheels.net

    H Larry Elman, COLONEL, USAF Ret’d

    • Mike Hower - Jul 02, 2014


      Thanks for the detailed update! I’m working a new system now where you can share your entire career history (or anything else you want to) with the Spaatz and CoP audience, and you short bio here is a great story to tell. I’ve added you to our Master List, and I’ll try an post an update to the website if I can find some free time this weekend.


  32. James Oliphant - Jul 06, 2014

    I received the COP 1957 Jacksonville, FL. I would like to be included in list. I am now an active high school math teacher – all subjects Algebra 1 through statistics and calculus (not all at one time of course)
    I was the former cadet commander of the Florida Wing CAP.

    • Mike Hower - Jul 07, 2014

      James – Thanks! I’ve added you to our Master List and posted the update to our website!

  33. richard Garrity - Jul 14, 2014

    July 14, 2014

    Richard A. Garrity

    CAPC 91-3215

    COP 28 September 1954

    Palo Alto SQND 70,
    (now Jon E. Kramer Composite SQND #10)

    • Mike Hower - Jul 15, 2014


      Thanks. I’ve added you to the list which will appear on the website at our next update.


  34. Robert Gorjance - Jul 18, 2014

    My name is Robert Gorjance. I was one of several cadets who were involved in the formation of Tulsa Squadron #2 in the early 1950’s. We specialized in communications support for Tulsa Squadron #1.

    I received my COP sometime before 1955. I took the test at a summer camp at Amarillo AFB. Later that year I received the formal award at a CAP awards dinner. The award was presented by Mr. Harold C. Stuart, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force under Stuart Symington. I later went to work at KVOO Radio Station in Tulsa and it was Mr. Stuart who was now my boss. He was the station President as well as the CEO/President of Skelly Oil Co.

    I enlisted in the Air Force in January of 61 and served at a major communications center in Siegelbach, Germany in the crypto maintenance section. Left the AF in Jan. of 65 (corrected–MJH) as an Airman First Class.

    I currently live in Racine, WI. and work as a contract engineer at several radio stations in SE Wisconsin.

    • Mike Hower - Jul 21, 2014


      Thanks for the info! I’ve added you to the master list (and updated the date you left the AF per your request). Your name will appear in the next COP list update.


  35. John E Blume - Oct 17, 2014

    My name is John E Blume, cadet No 041-9135 I received the COP as the cadet 1st Sgt. in the Oakland Park FL Sq in 1963. I do not recall the exact date.

    I joined the Air Force in 1971 and retired as a Lt Col in 1994. I spent most of my career as a rescue helicopter pilot. I later spent 19 years as as a flight and systems safety engineer for Lockheed Martin.

    • Mike Hower - Oct 20, 2014


      Thanks for the info! I’ll add you to the next update of the COP list on the website.

  36. Donald J Hoffman - Mar 26, 2015

    Please add the name of Donald J Hoffman to the COP list. Member of the Proviso(?) Composite Squadron with Major Gray and the CO. Awarded around 1958/59

  37. James M. Howell, Jr. - Apr 30, 2015

    My COP Certificate is dated 15 October 1959. I received the COP while in the Cecil R. Smith Composite Squadron 74, San Mateo, CA. I am still in the CAP, now in Oregon Wing My experience in CAP includes:
    – Cadet Commander, Squadron 74 & West Bay Comp Squadron 110, CA Wing
    – Commander Squadron 110, CA Wig
    – Commander San Francisco Bay Group 2
    – DCS/ Cadet Programs Pacific Region
    – Director of Cadet Programs Oregon Wing
    – Vice Commander Oregon Wing
    – Director of Personnel Oregon Wing

    I am retired from the Linn Count Oregon Sheriff’s Office as the Emergency Management Coordinator.

    Please also list Timothy J. McCoy as a COP recipient. He was in Squadron 74 and recceived his COP around the same time as I did.

  38. Bob Thomas - May 22, 2015

    I believe Mike Ryan and his brother John both got their COPs as part of the Offutt Cadet Squadron, NE, in the late 50’s before they both went to the Air Force Academy.

  39. Charlotte Payne Wright - Jun 17, 2015

    I know for a fact that Mike Ryan (former AF Chief of Staff) received his COP, as a cadet in Nebraska Wing. I think his brother also received his COP. General Ryan presented a Spaatz Award to a former cadet member of my squadron, St. George Composite Squadron, Louisiana Wing; Dan Au the day before Dan graduated from the Air Force Academy (Class of 1999). Dan Kish (Spaatz # 6) was also present at the ceremony, as were LA WG Spaatz recipients (and members of the AFA Class of 1999) Jason Trew and Marc Johnson. Dan Kish received his COP as a cadet in Colorado Wing, but his age was such that he could continue as a cadet, earning the Spaatz Award. General Ryan and I were the older former cadets with only the COP, and possibly Phase III credits (I have them, don’t know about General Ryan). You might look into General Ryan’s brother, but you should add him (don’t know the year, but you might be able to reach out to General Ryan) and Dan Kish (don’t know the year).

  40. D. P. Walker - Oct 06, 2015

    Joined CAPC program at age 15. Group 1, Burbank Airport, So. Area, CA Wing
    1 Sept. 1956, COA Summer Encampment March AFB
    10 January 1957 COP Cadet Colonel, 201 File # 91-8359
    28 August 1957 COA Summer Encampment March AFB
    1957 Flew in V-35 Beech with Lockheed U-2 Test Pilot and in ’57 received
    Congressional Appointment for 2nd Graduating Class US Air Force Academy
    Life Membership Roadrunners Internationale
    My uncle is NASA Test Pilot (X-15) Joseph Walker
    Sent previous emails to join Spaatz but to date no acknowledgement.
    Have many declassified stories(Area 51, 1954-1974)
    D. P. Walker

  41. John ogorzalek - Mar 27, 2016

    I earned certificate in 1956 with Chicopee, MA squadron. My number was
    14-5563. Also John Stefanik, John Yarmac, Roman Tryba, and John
    Wildly ski at same time and same squadron

  42. David Neidlinger - Mar 28, 2016

    Wish to join:
    NJ Neidlinger, David Pompton Lakes NJ Pompton Cadet Sqdn 19Jan60

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