Spaatz Wallet Card

Looking for a Unique Way to Show Your Diamonds?

Get a new Spaatz Award wallet card.

Remember when National Headquarters sent out wallet-sized replicas of the Spaatz Award certificate to all new recipients?

This program, stopped in the 1980s, was resurrected beginning with Spaatz Award #2000 in 2015.  Today, all new Spaatz Award recipients get a high-gloss wallet card containing the likeness of General Spaatz and commemorating the first air-to-air refueling in The Question Mark.

The Spaatz Association has secured the rights from Civil Air Patrol to be the sole distributor of replacement cards and cards for Award winners with numbers earlier than #2000.

For more information, or to order a card today, visit The Diamond Shop.

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NOTE: All Lifetime Members of The Spaatz Association will receive a card with their summer 2016 membership update packet.