2023 Board Elections

The TSA “Voting Booth” is now open for the 2023-2025 board seats. Up for election are:  Vice-President, Treasurer, and three Board Member seats.

All paid and “New Spaatzen” members may vote.  This includes Life-Time members, Annual members, and Spaatz recipients who have earned their award in the past year AND have contacted the secretary@spaatz.org to activate their membership.  If you are not current on your annual dues and wish to renew, you may do so here.

The bios of the candidates are available for your review here.

The candidates are:

Vice President:  Matt Chirik and Julian Gluck

Treasurer: David Pattillo

Board Members: Joe Abegg, Julian Gluck, and Ryan Miscio

You may vote at this website.

June 20 – The Webmaster enables the “Voting Booth” feature to registered voters with ballots to be cast on-line until 15 July

July 15 – Voting Booth closes.

August 1 – Election Commissioner finishes authentication of votes and announces winners to Board, establish need for any run-offs, etc. Announcement is then made to membership via email and website.

September 1 – – All elected officers, directors, and the Program Manager take their seats. Both incoming and outgoing officers attend the September Board Meeting (Second Monday of the Month)


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Board of Directors Elections

This year, as required by The Association’s Bylaws, eligible members will elect two Officers and six Directors to take office and replace those who will complete their two-year terms. The Association Needs highly qualified members with proven track records to serve on the Board.  We are also voting to fill directors #7 and #9 who were filled by appointment by the President.

President Director #4 Director #8
Secretary Director #6 Director #9
 Director #2 Director #7 Director #10

As with previous years, we will communicate election particulars, accept nominations/applications, and manage all balloting via the website (and email, if subscribed to updates).

The Election Committee will build a slate of candidates based on nominations and applications received from individuals via our website.

Nomination and Application Requirements

In May 2014, the Board changed the requirements for applications.  See the Elections Frequently Asked Questions page for requirements.

All incumbents, if interested in competing for a 2022-2024 Board position must apply via the website before the deadline.

Nominations Received


Candidate: Janon “JD” Ellis

Statement Reflecting Vision:

I believe The Spaatz Association should be the premier organization in encouraging our cadets to achieve the utmost from the program, to excel in every way, and to apply all that they have learned in Civil Air Patrol (CAP), and other endeavors, to their future careers and life in general. I believe the primary focus of The Spaatz Association member is to give back to our cadets and the CAP cadet program.

As the association president I plan to focus on fundraising. Helping the organization to become more financially sound will offer the ability help even more cadets. Through TSA scholarships, cadets fulfill their dreams of flying or assisting in their academic endeavors. The leadership grant program helps the units as well as individual cadets. I would like to expand these opportunities by providing the resources to assist our units and cadets. Additionally, I would like to get the TSA mentorship initiative fully operational.  I believe solid mentorship is extremely important to our cadets and their unlimited potential!

100-Word Biographical Summary:

100-Word Biographical Summary: Janon D. “JD” Ellis, Spaatz #661, retired after 23 years in the U.S. Air Force where he earned the rating of master navigator. During his Air Force career, he commanded the 728th AMS at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey and served on the Headquarters USAF Staff. He earned the Spaatz Award as a member of the Florida Wing and continued to serve CAP after he was commissioned in the Air Force with Texas, Arkansas, and Illinois Wings and served as the commander of the Yokota Cadet Squadron, Japan. He is currently the Mid-Atlantic Region Deputy Chief of Staff for Cadet Programs.

Resume:  JD Ellis Resume



Candidate: Jay Sliwinski

Statement Reflecting Vision: 

I believe that the Spaatz Association should strive to work with cadets to help them understand that the Spaatz Award is an achievable goal. It should also work with National Headquarters to refine the Spaatz Examination to make it reasonable to achieve.  I am not saying that the Spaatz Exam should be “dumbed down,” but with just over 2400 Spaatzen in over 50 years, there is something CAP is not providing its cadets.  It is such an “exclusive” award and so little known, that it does not carry the weight that and Eagle Scout or Girl Scout “Gold” recipient does, just because people don’t know who we are.

Once cadets earn their Spaatz, the TSA should provide material to help them plan their ceremony, then help them find their “new place” within the organization.  Hopefully, this will help with retention, not only as cadets, but later as senior members.

I also with to help with financial management and stability within the organization to assure that we can continue our mission of providing scholarships and grants to CAPs cadet members.

100-Word Biographical Summary:

Lt Col Jay Sliwinski grew up in a CAP family that now spans three generations and over 200 years of membership.  He joined at age 11 and earned his Spaatz in 1987.  He has been the Minnesota Wing Spaatz Ceremony Mentor.  Among his activities include 14 encampments, flight academy and the EAA Air Academy.  He is one of three Spaatzen in his family.

Resume: Jay Sliwinski Resume


(In order nominations received)

Candidate: Tyler Hoover

Statement Reflecting Vision:

Due to extensive changes to CAP’s cadet program, the Spaatz award now occupies an even more monumental and challenging accomplishment. As such, the opening for The Spaatz Association to support and equip cadets pursuing this achievement and the need to ensure the preservation of this award’s prestige, is greater than ever. As a member of TSA’s board, I want to continually reinforce with CAP National CP staff the need to preserve the current standards of the Spaatz Award and TSA’s strong belief that such an award should not be diminished by making the award’s standards more attainable. Consequently, I believe TSA should increase the resources and mentoring made available to senior-ranking cadets in an effort to help them successfully navigate the now-significant jump in knowledge and physical fitness between the Spaatz award and the rest of the cadet program.

TSA should look at ways to increase member involvement through the creation of regional, and eventually wing, TSA chapters and points-of-contact. This will allow individuals unable to attend the annual TSA dinner a chance to connect with fellow Spaatzens, increase TSA’s visibility and influence at lower echelons of CAP, and provide a more seamless integration into TSA of new cadet colonels that receive the Spaatz Award

100-Word Biographical Summary: 

Tyler C. Hoover, Spaatz #1991, currently serves as a member of the MAR Cadet Programs staff, having previously been on cadet programs staff in National Capital Wing and cadet programs and emergency services staff in South Carolina Wing. A CAP member since 2010, he attended 7 NCSAs as a cadet, including service as the cadet commander of SUPT-FC Texas in 2015 and National Blue Beret in 2016. He remains highly active in CAP emergency services, with over 30 finds and service in 6 presidentially-declared disasters.

Tyler works in Washington, DC as a contractor with the Department of Homeland Security. He is the director of production at Kings Church DC, operates a small podcasting business, and serves on the Alumni Board of Directors for his alma mater, Anderson University. While at Anderson University, Tyler served as the Sophomore Class President, was a member of AU’s Honors College, and was the Honor Graduate for Anderson University’s School of Public Service and Administration.

Resume: Tyler Hoover Resume


Candidate: Klara Olcott

Statement Reflecting Vision:

The Spaatz Association, with what we currently have achieved, is making an impact on America’s youth and leadership development. Our foundation is strong and has a consistent name brand. Despite that, not many Civil Air Patrol cadets of any rank know of, recognize, or seek out what we have to offer. I am looking forward to continuing to work with other TSA members on our mentorship initiatives. I feel that TSA is primarily viewed as an association that only Spaatz achievers should know about or benefit from, and not as the separate, benevolent, value-driven asset it is to any driven cadet. The Spaatz Association pays it forward as “leaders developing tomorrow’s leaders, today”.

100-Word Biographical Summary: 

Klara G. Olcott, Spaatz #1997, currently serves as the Squadron Commander for the 388th Composite Squadron. She is a SARTECH I, NASAR Instructor, and Ground Branch Director on the Arizona Wing Ground Team and a mission aircrew member in multiple capacities.

As a cadet, she attended 11 national cadet special activities. On the International Air Cadet Exchange, she visited Israel and the UK as an ambassador. She has since staffed National Blue Beret in the media department and Hawk Mountain Ranger School as an Expert Ranger.

Klara is a private pilot, EMT, and Amazon independent contractor, as well as a world traveler with visits to over a dozen countries including Egypt, Guatemala, Dubai, and Costa Rica.

Resume: Klara Olcott Resume


Candidate: Larry Trick

Statement Reflecting Vision:

My vision is for us to be the best organization we can be. I want us to be relevant in the second half of the 21st century. I believe my involvement in the aerospace industry, even in retirement, as well as CAP, is key to this.
We need to continue to support our various scholarship and mentoring programs. I would like to see us expand our academic scholarships; giving more to more cadets. I have seen these scholarships produce some fantastic people.

100-Word Biographical Summary: 

Larry Trick, #452, is a charter member of TSA (holding offices of Vice President from 1997 to 1998 and President from 1998 to 2000). For 28 years, he has located missing Spaatz Awardees. Now retired, after a 35-year Navy Civil Service career; where he was the program manager for the X-49A and later the Chief Engineer for the Naval Aviation Center for Rotorcraft Advancement. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State and was the Maryland Wing Commander (2000-2004). He is now the MAR Assistant Chief of Staff and National AE UAS Coordinator.

Resume: Larry Trick Resume


Candidate: Wayne Mowery

Statement Reflecting Vision:

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is the Nation’s premier youth program. The Spaatz Association supports the cadet program through academic and flight scholarships, leadership grants, and mentorship from a strong community of aviation inspired community leaders. My vision for the Spaatz Association throughout the upcoming year is to strengthen the Spaatz community by partnering with the Spaatz Museum and developing key Spaatz Association recognition programs. Through strengthening our community of Spaatzen, the Spaatz Association can better fulfil its mission of developing our nation’s cadets through aerospace education and training. 

100-Word Biographical Summary: 

Major Wayne “Astro” Mowery originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland where he had the honor of being a member of the Osprey Composite Squadron and serving as the Cadet Commander of the Maryland-Delaware Encampment in 2009. He graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2012 and earned a commission from Air Force ROTC Detachment 330. After graduating pilot training and learning to fly the F-16, he has served in multiple active-duty assignments, including Osan AB, South Korea, Nellis AFB, Nevada, and Muwaffaq Salti Air Base, Jordan. Currently, Maj. Mowery is serving as the US Exchange F-16 Instructor Pilot to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Resume: Wayne Mowery Resume



Timetable (subject to adjustment):

Applications and Nominations are being accepted for 6 board positions as well as the positions of President and Secretary of the TSA.  To apply, continue to the bottom of this page

Voting will be open to Life, Annual, and New Spaatzen who have registered with the TSA.

Contact the election commissioner, (Appointment of Position Pending) or the  secretary at secretary@spaatz.org with questions.

  • 6 May– Posting of election notice on Association website (auto generated email to all subscribers)
  • 15 June – Closeout of application and nomination period.
  • 15 June to 1 July – Posting of candidate list to Association website.
  • 1 July – Opening of polls
  • 29 July – Polls close at midnight. (Central Time)
  • 1 – 31 August – Elections Commissioner authenticates votes and establishes need for any run-offs, etc. Results are announced via website and email lists.
  • 1 September – New Board seated (unless run-off election is required).

The handling of nominations, applications and the registration, voting and tabulation processes will be overseen by our Elections Commissioner.

Thank you for your continued leadership and support.


Jay Sliwinski
National Secretary
The Spaatz Association

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