Election Procedures


2016 Elections Operating Guidelines v1 (click to download)


2023 Election Timeline

June 1:  – email to all Spaatzen announcing election, candidate nomination and voting processes. Information also posted to website. Deadline for nomination/applications are submitted via website NLT 2359 10 June Eastern Time.

June 20 – nominations are closed and list of candidates is published.

June 20 – The Webmaster enables the “Voting Booth” feature to registered voters with ballots to be cast on-line until 15 July

July 15 – Voting Booth closes.

August 1 – Election Commissioner finishes authentication of votes and announces winners to Board, establish need for any run-offs, etc. Announcement is then made to membership via email and website.

September 1 – – All elected officers, directors, and the Program Manager take their seats.  Both incoming and outgoing officers attend the September Board Meeting (Second Monday of the Month)


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