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  1. swauste - Dec 28, 2011

    Thanks to the focused and creative efforts by Program Director Mike Hower and his program team, we have now a rejuvenated website we can all be proud of!

    Stephen Austen, #161
    National President
    Your Spaatz Association

  2. Tim Traver - Jun 24, 2012

    My Father was an Private on the staff of General Spaatz, he was with him in Miami Beach at the end of the War. My fathers duties included driving the General’s staff car around. He said the General was kind to the younger inlisted men and never gave them a hard time, he even let them use his staff car to go into a neighboring town for a night off.

  3. Carl A. Lindberg - Dec 01, 2012

    I was a CAP cadet in the California Wing for two years (JUN58-JUL60) before my USAF Dad took us on a PCS assignment to Canada (ending my cadet career). But I did earn my Certificate of Proficiency (April 29,1960). I would like to thank the members of the Spaatz Association for recognizing we “old” COP cadets! 🙂 Noting that the association is generating a list of COP holders, I would be very interested in seeing that part of the list for the 1958-60 timeframe for California to see if I could see any old friends. Thank You! Oh,….I re-joined CAP as a squadron AEO after retiring from the Boeing Company.

    • Mike Hower - Dec 01, 2012


      Thanks for your update. I’ve added you to our master listing. Your name will appear on the roster available at when we do our next online update.

      As for being able to sort by state and date…we don’t have that many people who have sent in their info. NHQ didn’t keep a master record, so we must rely on individuals to send us their data. That said, we hope to get some publicity for the project in a 2013 issue of Volunteer. Hopefully that will help this list grow a bit more quickly.


      Mike Hower, #895
      National Secretary

  4. Vern Darley - Aug 21, 2014

    Great website and organizational efforts! Congrats to all! Vern Darley, hangar D30, Falcon Field ,GA KFFC

    Spaatz and Falcon Awards

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