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Cadet training, provided both by cadet leaders and by senior members involved in Cadet Programs, are essential to leadership development in Civil Air Patrol cadets.  Here are links of sites and files that provide cadet program curriculums.

The Lt Col Frank Pocher Minute Man Squadron, MAWG, has extensive cadet training materials, especially for Phase I training.  Contained on the page are links to Phase I training handbooks, the Florida Wing After School Program (a completely downloadable program with everything needed to run a Phase I program in a local school district), and various other cadet program materials.  Do not miss the squadron Integrated Leadership Program schedules and outlines below.

The Weir Cook Cadet Squadron, INWG, has developed an extensive and comprehensive cadet leadership training program, specifically geared to integrate all phases of the Cadet Program and the missions of Civil Air Patrol into the regular squadron meeting.  These resources include training for all level of cadet program achievement.

The Maryland Wing, under the leadership of our own Matt Heusser, #1293, developed a Maryland Wing Cadet Commander’s Guide for the use of Cadet Commander’s in local squadrons.

The Parma Cadet Squadron, OHWG, has built an extensive cadet officer development program that is focused on the development of “presentation, military bearing, command presence and leadership confidence.”

The Red Wing Composite Squadron, MNWG, archives section, has extensive administrative tools and training publications that are available that span cadet development from Phase I through Phase IV.

The Cadet Noncommissioned Officer’s Guide, developed by Capt Shawn Stanford, CAP, is essential reading for any cadet leader in understanding the role that Phase II cadets can play, as well as helping them to find their place in the cadet program as they prepare for the Mitchell exam.  Capt Stanford has also developed a Cadet First Sergeant’s Guide.

And finally, a wealth of resources, articles and advice on anything Cadet Program-related can be found at

Finding and utilizing leadership curriculum is important to The Spaatz Association.  If you have links of Cadet Program materials that you feel are important please contact us.

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